Mollet del Vallès

Province: Barcelona | Shire: Vallès Oriental | Inhabitants: 51.133 | Extension: 10,8 Km2 | Altitude: 65 m

Mollet del Vallès has an area of 10.72 km 2 and just over 51,000 inhabitants. It is located 20 km from the city of Barcelona, being the main core of the Vallès Oriental metropolitan area known as Baix Vallès.

It is a modern municipality, adapted to the needs of our time, with a wide range of public and private services in all areas: educational, cultural, sports, leisure... It is worth noting, in terms of health, the new Mollet Hospital, a regional landmark and, in the cultural sphere, the Abelló Museum.

It has a good communications network: roads, highways, railway lines (R2, R2 Nord, R3 and R8), and various urban and interurban bus lines.

Mollet's jewels

Gallecs is a protected rural area in the Plan for Spaces of Natural Interest, with recognized agricultural, natural and landscape values that is considered the green lung of a densely populated metropolitan space. This natural space occupies half of the municipality of Mollet.

The city also has other jewels to be discovered and known as the Mollet Menhir, a Neolithic statue-menhir of spectacular dimensions, to the point that, due to its characteristics, it is considered the largest piece of the Iberian Peninsula and all of Europe. southern; and the Joan Abelló Municipal Museum, located in a modernist building, which houses the extensive work and art collection of this painter from Mollet, with more than 10,000 pieces, including a wide range of Catalan painting and sculpture from the 19th century. and XX.

In Mollet, unique cultural events are held, of reference in Catalonia, such as the Carnival (February), the International Puppet Show (April), the Craftsmen's Fair (September) and the Sona Mollet, Anna Villaescusa Rebolo Memorial International Music Festival (October).

History of Mollet

The documented history of Mollet goes back more than a thousand years with an agricultural past and an essentially peasant population until the first decade of the 20th century, from which it underwent an important process of industrialization thanks to the textile sector, mainly silk, and leather tannery.

Currently, the urban area of Mollet is an important diversified commercial center, with a municipal market (from Monday to Saturday) and a weekly market (on Tuesdays), family businesses and brands, and commercial areas. It also has large green areas, natural, industrial and service areas.

Awards and honours

In 2015, Mollet received the European Green Leaf award for its commitment to sustainability and green growth. In 2017, it was the only Catalan and Spanish city nominated European City of Sport. In 2018 Mollet has been recognized as the Best Spanish City in Energy Efficiency by the Fundació Fòrum Ambiental. In 2019, it was the sub-venue of the World Roller Games Barcelona 2019, the largest world event that brings together the championships of all roller sports disciplines such as Scooter, Figure Skating or Skateboard. In 2020, Mollet is the municipality with the highest recognition of the Viles Florides awards. In 2021, the European Commission recognizes Mollet with the Healthy Lifestyles for Cities 2020 award. And, also in the same year, the City Council of Mollet del Vallès is recognized with the Commitment for Tourism Sustainability certification of the Counties of Barcelona Biosphere.

Stroll through Mollet; Lose yourself in its historic center and its shopping center, its wide streets and its familiar and welcoming squares. Enter its parks and make your senses enjoy, with the nature and art that you will find there. Mollet is a friendly, welcoming, dynamic, civic city. You will feel comfortable and, without a doubt, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Places of interest

town hall

This building was inaugurated in 2002. Until then, the Town Hall was in Plaza de Prat de la Riba, the square in the historic center, where the modernist fountain by Domènec Sugrañes (cover photo) is also located. The new Town Hall is located within the Can Mulà area, an important commercial center of the city. On the institutional façade of the City Hall, the mural that the poet and painter Joan Brossa created expressly stands out. You can see two historical symbols of Molletense, the fish and the waves, inside an inclined A, which wants to be the expression of humility, the first letter of the alphabet and the gateway to culture and knowledge. This facade faces the Plaza de Pau Casals, a beautiful green square in the shape of a hill.

Plaza Major, 1

Menhir of Mollet

This impressive neolithic menhir was discovered in 2009 during the works of the Pruneres park. It is an extraordinary find in Catalonia. Due to its dimensions, 5 m high and 6 tons in weight, which make it the largest menhir in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the largest in southern Europe. And for its engravings and reliefs, in which a face of a hypothetical divinity is recognized, which gives it the character of a statue-menhir. It can be seen in the garden of the Can Mulà Library, during opening hours to the public.

c/ Alsina, 1 (Can Mulà park) | Tel. 93 570 16 17 | Entrance through the Can Mulà Library

For arranged visits, call the Museu Abelló, 93 544 50 99

Rural area of Gallecs

Gallecs is an agroforestry territory of 734 hectares. It is an agricultural, leisure space, with important ecological, landscape, cultural and educational values for the surrounding population. Agriculture is the main activity in space. As of 2005, this activity has been largely converted into organic farming and the recovery of traditional varieties. Ancient wheats, legumes and cereals are cultivated, as well as vegetables. All the products are marketed with the Gallecs Product seal, ecological and local, and can be found in the Agrobotiga store.

Masía de Can Jornet Xic (headquarters of the Gallecs Rural Space Consortium)

Agrobotiga, porch of Can Xambrers, next to the Church of Santa María de Gallecs

Abelló Museum and Painter's House

This municipal museum, located in a modernist building, houses an important representation of the work of the painter Joan Abelló, as well as one of the most outstanding art collections on the Catalan scene, the fruit of Abelló's passion for collecting. The Museum has two permanent exhibitions: one dedicated to the collection, with works by artists such as Dalí, Sorolla, Casas, Mir, Nonell, Hugué, Tàpies or Brossa; and the other, to the work of the painter Abelló. It also has an interesting program of temporary exhibitions and a space for the production and dissemination of visual arts, L'Aparador (The Showcase). A visit to the House of the Painter is highly recommended, where Joan Abelló was born, today converted into an original museum where the thousands of pieces, objects and works of art that he treasured throughout his life are gathered. In the streets of the city we can see sculptures by Abelló, such as the Arlequí or the Garriganga.

More information about the Abello Museum

c/ Berenguer III, 122 | Tel. 93 544 50 99

city parks

Mollet has a demonstrated will to have beautiful parks, full of biodiversity of trees and plants, and carefully maintained. The Plana Lledó park, the Colors park, designed by the architect Enric Miralles, the Can Mulà park, the Pruneres park, the Farinera park, the Sentits park and the Can Borrell park, with the farmhouse, the era and the vestiges of the peasantry. Each has its own values and charms, both botanical and artistic. Many of them have a children's play area.

Les Pruneres Park, inaugurated in 2011, exemplifies like few others the concept of a park that merges with the landscape. It merges with the mountains of the coast, located behind the park, and produces an original and pleasant optical sensation that we recommend contemplating.

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