Mollet del Vallès

Province: Barcelona
Shire: Vallès Oriental
Inhabitants: 51133
Extension: 10,8 Km2
Altitude: 65 m

Mollet del Vallés has an area of 10.72 km 2 and a population of more than 50,000 inhabitants. Located 20 km from Barcelona, it is the most important city in the Vallès Oriental metropolitan area.

With the services of a modern city, it is an important industrial and economic point in the area of influence of Barcelona.

Mollet also has a large rural and agricultural area, Gallegos, of 733.52 ha, with a Romanesque church and Santa Maria de Gallegos, from the 12th century.

Organic farming has an increasingly prominent role and Gallegos products have the ecological certificate of the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production).

At the farmhouse you will find old recovered wheats, such as spelled or soft, legumes, such as hook beans or small chickpeas, and seasonal vegetables, as well as products made in the workshop by the farmers and artisans themselves (jams and preserves).

The cultural offer of the city is led by the Joan Abelló Municipal Museum, located in an old modernist building from 1908, and the House of the Painter, where the artist was born in 1922.

Both buildings collect a large part of Joan Abelló's work and his extensive and rich art collection, with more than 5,000 works of painting and sculpture by the most relevant Catalan artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Mollet also has a wide range of buildings of architectural interest. Can Gomà, Can Borrell, Can Lledó, Can Flequer and Can Pantiquet stand out.

As for the urban landscape, Mollet stands out for its parks and green areas. In this sense, the central park of the Pruneres, with more than 10 ha, according to a pleasant place to walk, play and rest on the green of the lawn. Among all the city's parks, the historic Can Mulà park and other green and undulating space, such as the Pau Casals park, also stand out.

For a few years, Mollet also has an important archaeological piece. This is the Neolithic menhir discovered in 2009 in the current park of the Pruneres.

It is the largest in southern Europe, with 5 m high and 6 tons in weight, and stands out not only for its volume but for its anthropomorphic character, with engravings and reliefs that give it the category of Menhir statue. It can be seen in the Garden of the Library, in the park of Can Mulà.

Mollet became an Olympic sub-venue during the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games, during which it hosted the competitions related to shooting.

The sport has since occupied a prominent role, both in terms of equipment such as the Municipal Sports and Health Center Ca n'Arimon or the streetpark, as well as the promotion of grassroots sports and sports and health programs.

Menhir de Mollet

Located in the Literary Garden of the Can Mulà de Mollet del Vallés park , we find this great Neolithic menhir. It is a large block of granite stone almost 5 meters high and about 6 tons in weight. The finding was made in 2009 during the construction of the Pruneres Park, buried 10 meters deep. After the research and conservation work carried out by the Center for Restoration and Personal Property of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the menhir was returned to the city and is exposed in a large outdoor showcase.

It is a Menhir statue that contains engravings with the shape of a human face and curvilinear motifs, which makes it a unique piece that in Catalonia was only known for the discovery made in 2004 in Ca l'Estrada, Canovelles. It is estimated that Mollet's monolith could correspond to the I V-III millennium BC. The Menhir statue of Mollet is one of the oldest samples of sculpture with human representation in Catalonia and the testimony of a prehistoric settlement increasingly socially and culturally complex.

Why is the Menhir de Mollet so important?

  • So that its anthropomorphic character confirms that the menhirs could represent human beings, which in some cases constituted true menhir statues.
  • Because it provides new arguments for the chronology of the final Neolithic of the Vallesan menhirs, which is approximately between 3300 and 2500 BC.
  • Because it helps us expand the knowledge of the final Neolithic in Catalonia.
  • Because it gives consistency to a group of menhirs from Baix Vallès.
  • For the connections it brings with menhirs from other places in Europe for the reasons and engravings.
  • Because of the unique characteristics and monumentality, it is one of the most important findings of recent years in southern Europe.

Schedule and visits

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Monday to Friday from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Closed on Saturdays from July 1 to September 1 and during the Easter and Christmas holidays.

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