Route of the Forge in Lluçanès

Turisme Lluçanès. Alpens, Lluçà, Olost, Oristà, Perafita, Prats de Lluçanès,…

The Alpens Forge Route is a signposted itinerary that runs through the beautiful center of the town through the different streets and squares, and allows you to see various forge pieces made by Joan Prat (1898-1995) the "Ferrer d' Alpens": doorknobs, railings, bars or the Manelic sculpture, a unique heritage that makes the town a special environment.

The itinerary also includes the collective works that are carried out in each International Meeting of Forjadores, where forjadores from all over the world attend, and that are placed in the town.

Alpens is known for its great forging heritage that makes it unique and singular, and it has positioned itself as the most important meeting point in the world of forging at a Catalan and Spanish level, aiming to be so at a European level.

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