Bread and durum wheat route

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An agri-food tourist route that will allow you to discover the path of durum wheat (a variety of native wheat from Lluçanès) from the field to the table. If you miss real bread, which was made with traditional methods, local flour and too much mother, you can do the Bread route.

You can do the entire route or in parts. You can visit a farmhouse where durum wheat is grown, ovens where they make bread like the old ones and a craft beer workshop made with this unique wheat, trying their products. All told through its protagonists!

We suggest two ways to do the route:

1.- Complete route, with a visit to three points on the route (oven to choose)

A gastronomic tour through the lands of Lluçanès that will allow you to understand how this food is worked in a traditional way. Revealing the secrets step by step, starting in the cultivated fields, going through the small workshops with wood ovens, marble counters and the characteristic aroma of good bread, and ending up learning to distinguish the flavor of durum wheat in craft beer!!

Information and reservations: / 699 713 826

2.- Personalized route. Individually contact the points to visit (farmhouse, ovens and brewery)

  • Visits require prior reservation.
  • The visits will be made according to the availability of the producers.
  • This is an activity that directly benefits the producers of Lluçanès.

Do not miss it!


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