Rubri and the secrets of the river in Berguedà!

Turisme del Berguedà. Avià, Bagà, Berga, Borredà, Capolat, Casserres, Castell de…

Go on an exciting adventure through Berguedà and earn rewards!

Hello! My name is Guillem Rubri and I will be your guide on this adventure through a charming place in Catalonia, my beloved region of Berguedà.

During this experience, I will tell you old stories. I will tell you about the beginnings of the villages that we will explore, the people who lived in them and how they used the resources of the Llobregat River to prosper and build a future.

I am sure that you will not only get to know a region with its people, customs and heritage, but that this experience will be engraved in your hearts long after returning home.

And how will we do this?

Through an application where you will discover 9 itineraries through different places in the region, which I have called "rubrizones". Each itinerary offers numerous challenges and surprises, allowing you to discover many things...

By completing the activities, you will win prizes and be able to enter a drawing for surprise prizes!

I'm excited waiting for you to start!


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