La Cantina de Llinars Capolat

Carretera de Berga a St.Llorenç km 18. Capolat

In the Cantina de Llinars we got up early. We open every day at eight o'clock in the morning and we know that there are many of you who decide that we are your meeting point to go for a walk, look for mushrooms or make outings by bicycle, motorcycle, quad. Many breakfast with coffees with milk and some pasta and others we know that you already want a good silver sausage with bread with tomato or tortillas, fried eggs, sausages, bacon and, for the brave ones we already heat a good plate of tripe, meatballs with mushrooms, nose and ear with beans and others.

At noon to eat. You can not miss either the escudella when it's cold or the beans to the Catalan to survive again from the fatigue of the day. Good grill with pork feet, lamb, churrasco, chicken or rabbit and the different ways of eating rice with the typical paella as with the rice with mushrooms and parmesan cheese, the rice made of snails or the stews like the veal with mushrooms or the roasted chicken with plums and pine nuts.

There is always a dish as you arrive each season that makes your menus more attractive. And the desserts... ay! what homemade desserts, we often see how difficult it is for you to choose between the Catalan cream or the Indian flan, the cheesecake, the ice cream or our vindication of the pajamas for the bravest who always keep a hole for the sweet.

The fireplace, the canopy by the river, the back patio and the tranquility of the place we think are the best we can offer you to find yourself at home, make a great dinner, and most importantly, feel like coming back soon, as we wait for you.


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