Vall de Cardós

Province: Lleida
Shire: Pallars Sobirà
Inhabitants: 372
Extension: 56,2 Km2
Altitude: 898 m

The municipality of Vall de Cardós has a total area of 56.2 km 2 and is made up of 8 population centers.

Good part of the term is included in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees. The river Noguera de Cardós is the backbone of the municipality.

Population centers

Ribera de Cardós

Ribera de Cardós is the main nucleus of the municipality of Vall de Cardós, in the Pallars Sobirà region, it is located at the bottom of the Cardós Valley, to the right of the Noguera de Cardós, it should be noted that it has an important church Romanesque parish in honor of Santa María.

Ainet de Cardós

It is located at 960 meters of altitude, on the right bank of the Noguera de Cardós river, in a place surrounded by mountains. In addition, on a hill to the southwest of the town, the Pui iris, are the remains of the old parish church of San Martín del Pui, which still functioned as such in the 14th century.


Surri is very close, in the northwest, of the main town center, Ribera de Cardós, elevated on a landing of the southeast buttress of the Sierra de Aurati. The town has the church of Santa Coloma, suffragan of Santa Maria de Ribera de Cardós, which replaced the primitive, Romanesque.


Anás, is a town in the municipality of Vall de Cardós, located in the region of Pallars Sobirà. Before 1972 it belonged to the term of Estaon. It is located in the Vallat de Estaon at 1,078.4 meters of altitude, near and northwest of Bonestarre, south of Estaon and northwest of Surri and Ribera de Cardós.

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The town of Estaon, located inside the Vallat de Estaon at 1,257.6 meters of altitude. It is drained by the Estaon River, which rises in the ponds of Campirme and flows to the right of the Noguera de Cardós near Ribera de Cardós. The primitive church of the town, Romanesque, Santa Eulalia de Estaon, located in the highest point of the town, centers the nucleus of houses, grouped around him.


It is located in the Vallat de Estaon at 1,078.4 meters of altitude, near and to the southeast of Anás, of the parish on which it depended, to the south-southeast of Estaon and north-north west of Surri and Ribera de Cardós. Bonestarre has the church of Santa María, suffragan of San Romano de Anás, on which the chapel of the Virgen del Rosario of Casa Amill depended .


It is located near the northeast of Ribera de Cardós, to the left of the Noguera de Cardós, sheltered between two crests that form a corner where the town extends. The access to the town was made crossing the course of the river by the Bridge of Cassibrós, remarkable Romanesque specimen built in a single large archway.


The town of Lladrós is at an altitude of 1,019 meters. It is located to the right of the river Noguera de Cardós, at the foot of the summits of Miravall (to the west), and of Roc Bataller to the east. Lladrós has the parish church of San Pedro and, following the Noguera de Cardós, the Romanesque bridge with the Romanesque chapel of the Virgen del Puente and the remains of the chapel of San Pedro del Beneficia.

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