The Jewish legacy in Tàrrega

The Urgell - Tàrrega Regional Museum safeguards and disseminates the Jewish legacy of the ancient medieval town. In the permanent room 'Tragèdia al Call - Tàrrega 1348' , valuable pieces taken from the Hebrew necropolis of Les Roquetes and some buildings of the Jewish quarter in the old town are preserved. The museum discourse focuses on the bloody pogrom that the Jewish community of Tárrega suffered in 1348, which left numerous fatalities.

In addition, Tàrrega has opened a new cultural facility that consolidates the capital of Urgell as one of the centers for disseminating Catalan Judaism. This is the House of Avraham Xalom, a building in the old town that has been the subject of a careful adaptation and museumization process. The vestige, which has been made visitable, becomes a key piece to interpret the Jewish past of the medieval town of Tàrrega.

Guided tours are carried out that include the exhibition of the Regional Museum, a visit to the Call and the House of Avraham Xalom.

Gratuitous. Limited places. Guided tours are usually held on the first Sunday of the month at 10:30 a.m.

Prior reservation at the Museum Store (calle Mayor, 11), telephone 973 31 29 60 and at

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