Tozal of Cambrils

Tozal of Cambrils

The Tossal de Cambrils forms part of a spur of the Port del Comte massif. It offers a good view of the Cambrils area, the Alinyà Mountain and the mountains on the other side of the Segre. It is an area where you can still see signs of ancient mountain agriculture.

Technical information

  • Distance: 10.8km
  • Route: circular
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Height difference: 630m
  • Seasonality: Summer, Autumn, Spring

Route Description

1. We start at the municipal scale of Cambrils, a little above the fonda ca l'Agustí, we continue up the road, after about 125 meters we turn right and go up a straight path.

2. We find a concrete track, we follow it to the right. From a closed curve we can contemplate the great cave of Cordes. After the curve we take a path to the right, which later will continue next to the ditch, we have it almost all the time on our right. We cross a track and continue along the same path but now on the other side of the ditch.

3. Neck of Vetch on two rafts. We rediscover the track that goes up to Pedró dels Quatre Batlles, which we will follow to the right for a long time. Next to the road we will find potholes of potatoes.

4. The Portet. We leave the track and go to the right along another little marked one that follows the meadows in between, the valley narrows and we enter the drainage ditch.

5. We leave the Vallisera trench and follow a semi-flat path to the right that levels off after a slight initial climb. We follow the north-south direction.

6.As we turn west, wide views open up over Montserrat, la Mola, Montseny, Puig Sobirà, Odèn castle … The path begins to descend.

7.Be careful, the trail continues to descend but we must take another path to the right that crosses a meadow. We pass through the Cal Jaumetó cave. We go down, we plan, we cross the torrent Lleu and we go up.

8. We leave a track that goes up and we go to the left flattening.

9. We cross the Sant Martí field until we find a path.

10. Neck of Falquet. We pass by the water tank and go down the track that goes in a NW direction, in a couple of zigzags we are on the road and a few meters below, on the scale.

Places of interest


It is one of the five parishes that make up the municipality of Odèn. In addition to the main center with the parish, town hall and two inns, it has the Racó to the east and Llinars to the north. The remains of the castle and various hermitages of Romanesque origin stand out, in addition to the Salí, an old exploitation to obtain salt from the salty spring.


The route passes through two carved caves, the Espluga de Cordes, a large cave sixty meters long by five deep with a construction for cattle and another one made of dry stone with a wooden roof, a cart and small terraced fields. The Jaumetó cave is more modest, measuring twenty-eight meters wide by eight deep. There are the remains of the walls that formed the house.

Tozal of Cambrils

It is a medium mountain that forms part of the western abutment of the Port del Comte massif. The 1,803-meter summit is wooded and offers few views, while at lower levels there are wide panoramic views.

potato holes

Trunfos is what peasant potatoes are called. The holes are dry stone holes covered with a false dome or a beamed roof that keep the potatoes at a fairly constant temperature and hidden from light to preserve them during the winter.

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