Route through the Plana de Xim in Roda de Berá

Route through the Plana de Xim in Roda de Berá

Not uploaded to the Flat of Xim? We propose you an excursion in the Baix Penedès to enjoy nature by doing health.

From the Plaza de la Sardana the corrales de Cal Guivernau

We start from the Plaza de la Sardana, we cross the Plaza de los Pinos, we go through the Municipal Casino until we reach the track, we cross the stream and the train track, we continue straight on Calle Valls until we reach the fountain and turn to the left down the same street. Then we turn right to follow the same path as Route 1 to the Cal Guivernau corrals.

From the Cal Guivernau corrals in the Common Fountain

We walk along the bottom of Cal Lorenzo until we reach a sign where the road forks towards the new Cal Llorenç farmhouse. The route continues to the right along a wide and comfortable path parallel to the stream. Later the vegetation increases and closes, acquiring a forest aspect. Later, the path opens up again and continues to glide straight along the mountain; On the slopes, hidden in the undergrowth, we find a shelter that the inhabitants of the farmhouse had to use to take refuge from the bombings.

As we walk, on the right wall of the path we see some holes in the dirt wall. They indicate the place where bee-eaters make their nests, greenish and blue birds that make a characteristic sound when they want, and when they can, they eat the bees.

All the way we have followed the town's water line. Now the canalized and underground water, formerly the canal came open to the air to the town.

The road and the stream separate and at the end of Bonastre, we can see in front, the magnificent pot formed by the mountains that feed the Fuente del Común with water and the conduction of electricity to pump the water.

From the Common Fountain in Plana de Xim

New crossroads, ahead we arrive at the Common Fountain house, a quiet place to rest for a while. To the right, the Cal Setra stream where the route continues, the waters of which will join with those of the Cal Llorenç stream to descend towards Roda. To the right, at the top, in the middle of the mountain, we find an accumulation of rocks that seem suspended and are known by the name of "La Roca Foradada" and where examples of eagles make their nests.

A new crossroads appears. On the left, crossing the mountain, we will reach Bonastre and on the right, the path ascends towards Plana de Xim. Shortly after we leave the stream and begin the ascent along a path, from which the road to Bonastre is clearly visible as a firebreak in the mountain.

We pass by the "Ca l'Olivar" hut until we reach the fence that limits the "La Piedra Gorda" farm, which is known as Cal Setra.

Further on we come across the route that goes to the Solitary Pine along which we walk a bit until we reach the Plana de Xim. Right in the place where the "Plana" informational sign is located, we part again, we definitely leave the valley of the Cal Setra torrent and the views of the Bonastre mountains, to go to the valley with a view of the sea.

From La Plana de Xim to Fornot del Teclet

From the Plana de Xim we see the sea. From now on three descents and ascents await us. In the middle of the last climb we find the signposting that takes us, to the right, through "the Rocas de la Colla" and the Eixample, back home, to the left we continue the route for those who want to continue walking towards the Corrales de Xim.

At the end of the climb, we turn left and reach the Fornot del Teclet, a well-preserved lime kiln that is off the road on the left.

From the Fornot del Teclet to the corrales del Xim

We turn right, we pass the Murtra mountain, a mountain with ravines on both sides. To the right the urban complex of a residence for the elderly, to the left Fons de l'Avenc del Merla and the Sierra Llarga. We will go down to the Corrales del Xim and then we will arrive at the small Roman quarry that is in the skirt.

From the quarry you can see the sea and the Corrales de Xim carob plantation, full of well-cared specimens, and limited by some stone margins where it is worth stopping.

Here we can find the surprise of a "cosiol" rustic construction companion to the dry stone barracks, which protected the water that it contained inside, from the sun and dirt so that the animals could drink.

Source: Town Hall of Roda de Berà

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