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The so-called SBU or selfbalancing unicycles are the ultimate in personal transportation systems. With a single wheel and self-balancing incorporated, they are much smaller and lighter than the Segway, a bet that has not finished triumphing.

On the contrary, the electric unicycles are easily transported, as if it were a suitcase, weigh only about nine kilos and can be stored almost everywhere. For example, under the metro seat or in a backpack. The batteries can be fully charged in less than an hour and have a range of up to 40 kilometers.

The electric unicycle was born, initially, to reign in the urban landscape, but at GiraCat we go much further. It can also be a revolution in the mountains, due to its ability to travel along tracks and roads. It will surprise you! JOIN THE GiraCat and RIDE TO THE ADVENTURE!

The GiraCat is called to be a revolution in the mountains. This allows you to make routes of up to 50 kms for terrains with little unevenness, to descend mountain peaks, to make trialeras, to climb slopes of up to 600 mts.

You put the limits! Tour the adventure!


What awaits us the future of personal mobility?

At GiraCat® we are convinced that in a few years many people will move around the cities with personal electrical devices such as Giracat®. They are very practical, totally ecological and easier to drive than it may seem.

Now you have the opportunity to try it out as a family, making a route with us and perhaps you will discover that it can even help you solve your daily mobility. At least you will have a good time and you will discover a new sensation!!!

The routes can be done in different places such as the Barcelona Forum, the Iron Route of Ripoll or the medieval towns of Empordà. We can even discover a new one together!.

The activity is suitable for children from 8 years old, although there are younger children who also do it successfully. The Giracat® monocycles are prepared so that in 5 minutes everyone will be able to drive safely, but in case anyone in the family does not see it clearly, we have electric scooters with which to make the route without problems.

The price of the route is € 25 per person, lasts two hours and we can make special prices for groups.

Ahhh, and we will make a video with the images of the route so you can show your friends and have a good memory of an unforgettable day! On the web you will find a few!

Birthday parties

Are you looking for a different party for your child's birthday? Now you have Giracat®!!

With Giracat® your son and his friends will have a great time with an innovative and futuristic alternative. We will do the activity with Giracat® electric unicycles and also with electric scooters. You just have to choose an appropriate space and a date. We can move around in your municipality or suggest a suitable place like the Barcelona Forum.

The activity is suitable for children from 6 years, although there are smaller children who can also do it. We will take the Giracat® monocycles and electric scooters, we will do a 5 minute training and they will start to roll. We have the monocycles prepared so that from minute 1 the children already circulate through a circuit that we prepare. In 10 minutes they will be ready to go to make a small route if the place allows it, or in case that is not possible, they will complete the party in the circuit.

Electric scooters are a complement so that children can try more than one electric mobility vehicle, and prepare for the future. Some day not too far away in the cities we will move on electrical equipment like the Giracat®, do not hesitate. After the party your children will be ready!

The minimum price for the party is € 150 and includes 5 vehicles (Giracat® and / or scooters), for a maximum of two hours. For more machines or more time, we will make a budget. To get the snack we talk, but usually it is the parents who do it to their liking.

Ahhh, and we will make a video with the images of the party so you can show your friends and have a good memory of an unforgettable day! On the web you will find a few!

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