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Reconnect with the Pyrenees of Catalonia

The global pandemic situation has made many of us choose to stay close to home, which gives us a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with our home and continue adding and living new experiences within Catalonia. For this reason, below we offer you a most singular and unique proposal to rediscover historical spaces full of anecdotes and curiosities and beautiful natural places with great landscape value: How? Thanks to the tourist trains of the Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC).

Beyond daily use as a means of moving from one point to another, FGC Turismo, the division in charge of managing and promoting the Turistren brand, presents the five historic trains that the brand encompasses, and which have as their objective both the visibility of the playful factor of the trains and classic cars themselves, putting in value their own history and antiquity, such as the tourist possibilities of these trains, bringing us closer to places of interest and providing us with panoramic views that leave us speechless.

Didn't you know them? Well, keep reading that we present them below:

Montserrat rack railway and funiculars

Located in the Bages region, Montserrat is one of the emblems of Catalonia where everyone has to go once in their life, and we assure you that the best way to get there is with the Rack Railway. With a journey of only 15 minutes from the Monistrol de Montserrat station, or an hour and a half from central Barcelona, we will enjoy spectacular views of the iconic Montserrat Mountain. And once up, you cannot miss the opportunity to complement your visit to the enclosure without going through the San Juan Funicular, to be able to observe the Monastery and the entire panorama of Anoia from a bird's eye view, at a thousand meters high, and for La Santa Cova funicular, which will take you to the point where, according to legend, the image of the Virgin of Montserrat was found.

Notes of interest and curiosities

  • While the Montserrat Rack Railway and the San Juan Funicular circulate daily, the La Santa Cova Funicular only operates on weekends and holidays in low season and daily from July 24 to September 12.
  • Now you can buy your combined tickets online, in case you want to make the complete visit, or simple ones, through the following link

Consult the complete information about the Rack Railway and the Montserrat funiculars.

Train dels Llacs

Starting from Lleida and with a journey of approximately two hours to Pobla de Segur, the train crosses the regions of Segre, Noguera Pallaresa to Pallars Jussà, so if what you like is to contemplate nature, you cannot miss the contrasts of landscapes that the panoramic views of the Tren dels Llacs offer us. From the cultivated plains of Lleida, passing through the Sant Llorenç de Montgai and Camarasa lakes, crossing cliffs and gorges and climbing the Montsec mountain range until reaching the Leridano Pre-Pyrenees, along the section, of about 90 kilometers, the route allows make a stop at the 17 stations that are included in it, including Balaguer, where you can get off to visit the towns and the main attractions.

For this route, two types of train are available: the historical train, where you can enjoy a nostalgic journey that will transport you back in time and where you will travel with authentic vintage cars or the option of the panoramic train, a modern vehicle with great comfort and great windows to enjoy the scenery. What will you choose?

Notes of interest and curiosities

  • The train runs from April to October 30, only on Saturdays.
  • Only the Lleida, Balaguer and La Pobla de Segur stations have ticket sales.
  • From this year, tickets can be purchased online through the following link

Consult the complete information about the Tren dels Llacs.

Cement Train

Short but intense. This is how we define the Cement Train route, in the Berguedà region. This train travels just over 3 kilometers in 20 minutes. But do not underestimate this short distance, this historical line is more than 100 years old and was used to join the old Asland cement factory, which was located in Castellar de n'Hug, with Guardiola de Berguedà, so you can imagine the majesty that the landscape offers us passing through the gates of the Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park. In addition, it offers the option of stopping at 4 stations included in the route: La Pobla de Lillet, Pobla Centro, the Artigas Gardens and the Cement Museum in Castellar de n'Hug to visit each of these points and discover all the secrets.

Notes of interest and curiosities

  • Did you know that the industrial use of this railway was promoted by Eusebi Güell?
  • It should also be noted that the Artigas Gardens are the work of Antoni Gaudí.

If you want to do the route, you have to take into account:

  • The train runs every weekend and on public holidays, from March 19 to November 13.
  • You can purchase your ticket online through the following link.

Consult the complete information of the Cement Train.

Gelida funicular

Inaugurated in 1924 in order to transport the workers of the Gelida paper mills, in the Alt Penedès, from the urban area to the industrial zone, this train has become a cultural heritage referring to the area thanks to its history and contribution to the economic development of the area.

The cars, which are vintage, travel a distance of just 1 kilometer that allows us to enjoy the landscape of the area and discover the buildings of the stations, which, thanks to their beauty and uniqueness, are categorized as assets of Local Interest.

Notes of interest

  • The funicular runs only on weekends, between 10 am and 4.30 pm, leaving every half hour.

Consult the complete information of the Gelida Funicular.

Núria's zipper

Located in the Ripollès region, within the Ter and Freser River Headwaters Natural Park, the natural landscape spectacle that surrounds the Cremallera de Núria will leave you speechless, a changing landscape following the passing of the seasons of the year that will awaken you thousands of sensations. In addition, on board the train, you can enjoy the self-guided service that will explain all the curiosities about the route and the most interesting details of the towns and places where it passes.

Being the only means of transport that has access to Nuria and with a journey of about 40 minutes, the rack railway leaves daily and uninterruptedly throughout the year on a journey of 12 kilometers that takes us to one of the most iconic places in the Pyrenees of Girona. The origin is Ribes de Freser, both at the connection station, just before the town center, and at the central station, where the main station is located. The journey stops in Queralbs.

Do you want to know how the train was built? Once you arrive at the sanctuary, you will be able to find a playground where the whole history and construction of this iconic Rack Railway is told.

Notes of interest and curiosities

  • This year marks the 90th anniversary of this emblematic train, so until next November 1, you will be able to enjoy a free exhibition dedicated to the Rack Railway in both the Vall de Núria and Ribes Vila station.
  • You can purchase the ticket online through the following link

Consult the complete information of the Cremallera de Núria.

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