Sant Hilari Sacalm

Province: Girona
Shire: La Selva
Inhabitants: 5729
Extension: 83,3 Km2
Altitude: 803 m

Sant Hilari Sacalm is the capital of the Guilleries, the Km 0 of a wild and still little known massif between La Selva and Osona. A km0 where nature and forests generously give us innumerable fruits, sensations and products, where they are more grateful than ever to those who visit and love them, and where they reach the highest levels of beauty, peace and authenticity. A privileged place where nature lovers can enjoy it in a thousand different ways, and where it is shown and given to us without nuances, as it is.

In Sant Hilari there are more than 100 fountains where the purest water comes from, the water that served as a hiding place for Serrallonga, one of the most important bandoleros in Catalonia, who also witnessed the birth of General Moragues or the same one that was handed out by the endearing Jaumet del Flabiol visitors of the municipality. These illustrious figures left a strong mark in the municipality of Hilarienca.

The origin of Sant Hilari Sacalm should be located in the vicinity of the church of Sant Hilari, which is a Romanesque construction of the tenth century, but was reformed in the nineteenth century and became part of the bishopric of Vic since then. Over time, their domains grew and their economic power grew. In the second half of the 19th century, in Sant Hilari a spa was built, that of Font Picant, which became one of the most important summer resorts in Catalonia. In this, the visitors went to drink the bicarbonate and ferruginous waters. Currently, you can visit the hotel and you can see and taste the waters of the different sources.

The capital of the Guilleries also has different streets, squares and historical buildings, highlighting the building of Can Rovira, residence of the sixteenth century that now houses the tourist office of Sant Hilari. In addition, thanks to the museums that exist in the municipality, you can know the essence of the Guilleries, its fauna and flora, the purity of its water and the wisdom and experience of its turners that accurately transformed the wooden trunks that give us the forests in small pieces of gift.

Apart from the large number of activities organized in the municipality throughout the year that allow the visitor to merge with nature, history, tradition and products of the territory, two festive activities stand out the Via Crucis Viviente, declared a holiday traditional of national interest, that each year is celebrated in Holy Week and in which part of the people of the town and fair Guilleries participates, a fair that aims to promote and publicize all those products and charms hidden by Guilleries.

What to do

Associació del Via Crucis Vivent

Sant Hilari Sacalm

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Camins de Bosc

Sant Hilari Sacalm (a 3.5 Km)

Roads of forest is a private forest area of ​​about two hectares…

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Ànima de Natura

Viladrau (a 10.6 Km)

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Museu Trias de la Galeta

Santa Coloma de Farners (a 13.6 Km)

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Casa Museu Verdaguer

Folgueroles (a 17.5 Km)

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Where to eat

Hostal Restaurant Turó de l'Home

Santa Maria de Palautordera (a 21.5 Km)

Located in the center of Santa Maria de Palautordera, at the foot…

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Braseria Les Comes

L’Esquirol (a 21.7 Km)

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La Calma, el Bellver

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Where to sleep

Monestir de Sant Salvi

Santa Coloma de Farners (a 5.3 Km)

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Càmping La Balma

Espinelves (a 7.5 Km)

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Hostal del Coll

Susqueda (a 8.9 Km)

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Fundesplai, Cases de Colònies

(a 11.4 Km)

At Fundesplai, we manage 17 houses of colonies and hostels and 8…

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Càmping El Pont de Barcelona

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Can Baldiri

Santa Coloma de Farners (a 10.9 Km)

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Hostal Can Gurt

Santa Coloma de Farners (a 13.5 Km)

Tourist accommodation category 2 star accommodation with 17 rooms of which 6…

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Balneari Termes Orion

Santa Coloma de Farners (a 13.7 Km)

Design rooms with all comforts, common spaces designed for conversation or reading,…

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The heart of the Guilleries: an experience to share

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