Rupit i Pruit

Province: Barcelona
Shire: Osona
Inhabitants: 312
Extension: 47,8 Km2
Altitude: 822 m

Rupit is located in Cabrerès plateau in Osona, Barcelona. Its strategic location and its origin is unknown. And a people say it is as old as "Adam cagava arrupit", but the official version is that its name comes from the rock that's right in the middle of this strip of land, RUPES Latin, hence its name came .

From Pruit, however, explains many stories (like the one before it was all one people and when you want to separate, the de Pruit Rupit took the name changing some letters and declared their houses on the street de la Pedrera-over 5 houses together and form a people-"Pruit" i enrolled him in Madrid), but the name may come from PRODITU, meaning "prominent". Pruit rupit and merged in 1977.

The Collsacabra is a steep mountain land bounded on the south by the Ter River and its reservoirs (Sau and Susqueda) and the lower north ending up in the Valle d'en Bas. The highest part is the highlands of Cabrera makes about 1,300 feet, the neck through which the road reaches 1,000 meters and are emblematic feature stems in the rock, "the cliffs", about 300m height the highest point and laugh spanning the whole, this makes abundant in water and jumps. We think that has an average rainfall of 1,200 L per year.

But back to the origins of the people. These lands a long time ago and they are inhabited, as we confirm some Iberian archaeological L'Esquirol Tavertet and there is even evidence of different dolmens and many caves allows lived there in ancient times. After the Iberians also Carolingian and finally settled there during the VIII century Saracen invasion, Ausa, currently Vic, was empty, as people went to the mountains to seek refuge.

This is a land of castles and, above all, guard towers. Therefore, along the cliffs and the highest points, find ancient castles dating from the tenth century (the Roure Fornils or that of Cornils, the de Cabrera, etc..) And No was less than Rupit near Marshal, l'Agullola and, still standing, Church of Sant Joan de Fàbregues. The pla Fàbregues was the first inhabited center with said Fàbregues Castle. Test Fàbregues Castle is the existence of the church of Sant Joan de Fàbregues already in the tenth century Sant Joan has been until 1878 the religious center of the town, then was replaced by the church in the village, Sant Miquel.

After this first observation tower, we Rupit Castle, owned by the viscounts and lords Osona Cardona also Fornils Castle - and in the tenth century around this castle was the first houses. These first houses dating from the XII-XIII century (one of 1286).

Castle over the people found a document dated from 968, then part of the Cardona. These were the men who lived in the castle for a while until they moved to the castle of Cardona. Here they settled a Castilian (castlans).

The rest is history, the town was built on a rock and was growing. To have a minimum notions of the town's history we must say that, like all people, went ups and downs. For starters, its splendid time was during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the period of time in which built most of the houses we see in the core.

But before this time suffered XIV century plagues and earthquakes of 1427-1428 (Amer, Olot and Camprodon, 6 to 8'3 ° ??on the Richter scale) that left him virtually uninhabited and farmhouse and churches fell (caused 2,000 deaths across the Principality in a period when there were 200,000 inhabitants). At the same time, the hardship period increased with attacks remensas revolt (remences), where was the land Collsacabra received more blows. Thus, during the seventeenth century there was a strong recruitment. And so, in most stone lintels is the date of construction or reconstruction own these centuries.


Aplec Ermita Santa Magdalena: July 23

Rupit Festival: September 29, Saint Michael Archangel

Festival of Pruit: November 30, Sant Andreu

Living Nativity and Shepherds: Christmas


Historic Ensemble of the Vila de Rupit:

  • Suspension bridge
  • Walk Carreguell and laugh at Rupit
  • Ferreria
  • Ca l'Apotecari
  • The emblematic street Fossar
  • Church of Saint Michael Archangel
  • Can Sallent
  • Plaça dels Cavallers
  • Medieval Castle
  • Molino d'en Marandes

Sallent waterfall (around Rupit)

Rupit Riscales

L'Agullola Rupit (natural monument)

Dels Tombs Bassis (around Rupit)

Church of St. Magdalena (around Rupit)

Church of Sant Andreu de Pruit

Church of Sant Joan de Fàbregues (around Rupit)

Church of Sant Llorenç Dosmunts (Pruit)

Castillo de l'envestida (around Rupit)

Sanctuary of the Virgin of Montdois (around Rupit)

Farmhouses of Pruit

Fontana Foundation (Pruit), previous booking-

Rupit City Council

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