Visit the Josep Castellà Real Museum in Els Prats de Rei

Visit the Josep Castellà Real Museum in Els Prats de Rei!

A journey through the history of ancient Sigarra! In 1972, a group of meadows, the "GRA Sigarra", began a project of archaeological excavations in the urban center of Els Prats de Rei and its surroundings, which resulted in the discovery of an Iberian settlement and the confirmation of the existence in the same site of the Roman municipality of SIGARRA (Municipium Sigarrense).

The Josep Castellà Real Municipal Museum was created - in memory of the man who was its promoter and first director -, in which all the materials from the archaeological excavations carried out between 1972 and 1975, and also from subsequent investigations, are exhibited.

Furthermore, and thanks to the incorporation into the Museum of the collection of the Museo d'Eines de l'Escola Mare de Déu del Portal and contributions from different villagers, the historical exhibition has been completed up to the present day, with a complete vision of the history of the population and subregion.

The Museum is located in a building built at the end of the 19th century that was the headquarters of the “La Equitativa” Agricultural Cooperative.

Shcedules and prices:

  • Open the second and fourth Sunday of each month. For other days, contact
  • Admission: €1/person. Consult for groups and guided tours.

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