Province: Girona | Shire: La Selva | Inhabitants: 6.527 | Extension: 86,2 Km2 | Altitude: 291 m

Arbúcies is a town in the Selva that is located right in the middle of the Guilleries and the Montseny mountain range, an area declared for the protection of areas of natural interest. Its location, relatively close to the cities of Barcelona and Girona, makes it a site that is easily accessible and a must-see for people in the area.

One of the characteristic elements of this territory, and specifically of Arbúcies, is water, since we find a large number of fountains, rivers and streams within the municipality. In addition, the center of Arbúcies has many corners to discover such as the Plaza de la Vila, several streets, modernist buildings, pumping fountains, etc. Also within the municipality there are Romanesque churches such as Sant Pere Desplà with impressive pre-Romanesque paintings and those of San Cristóbal de Cerdans, Santa María de Lliors or San Mateo de Joanet, located in the area of Joanet. We cannot forget either, the Montsoriu Castle, with military architecture and located on a hill with an impressive view and dating from the 13th-14th centuries.

We can enjoy the natural beauty of the municipality in different areas, such as Paseo de la Riera and Parque de la Glorieta, places that inspired Santiago Rusiñol to make some paintings; the Fountain of the Pipes; the Iron Fountain; and waterfalls such as the Salto de la Mujer de Agua, which has given rise to the legend of the water woman. This magic enchants even more the visitor who sets foot on this land and immerses him in a secluded world.

To enjoy the town's festivities, you can go for the Fiesta Mayor, the last weekend in July, or for any of the other festivals they celebrate such as the Natural Flower Carpet Contest or the Enramades.


  • Montsoriu Castle
  • La Farga del Roquer
  • Montseny Ethnological Museum, La Gabella
  • Roquer Gardens
  • Village Center
  • Arbúcies Romanesque
  • Montseny Natural Park
  • Les Guilleries

What to do

Museu Etnològic del Montseny


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Associació del Via Crucis Vivent

Sant Hilari Sacalm (a 7 Km)

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Museu Trias de la Galeta

Santa Coloma de Farners (a 13.8 Km)

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Where to eat

La Calma, el Bellver

Tagamanent (a 21.4 Km)

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Braseria Les Comes

L’Esquirol (a 28 Km)

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Pura Brasa

Pineda de Mar (a 25.4 Km)

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Where to sleep

Can Baldiri

Santa Coloma de Farners (a 13.3 Km)

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Monestir de Sant Salvi

Santa Coloma de Farners (a 7.9 Km)

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Casa de colònies Can Massaguer, Fundesplai

Sant Feliu de Buixalleu (a 5.8 Km)

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Casa de colònies La Traüna, Fundesplai

Fogars de Montclús (a 10.6 Km)

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Summer in Sant Hilari Sacalm

17/07/2024 ...

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Fresh Nights in Sant Hilari Sacalm

18/07/2024 ...

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The Cabronada; squeeze the ass that goes up!

Rutatur (Santa Maria de Palautordera) (a 16.9 Km)

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Weather forecast

Morning Weather forecast Morning
Evening Weather forecast Evening
Max 34º
Min 20º
Morning Weather forecast Morning
Evening Weather forecast Evening
Max 33º
Min 20º
Source: Dades Obertes de la Generalitat de Catalunya


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