Province: Tarragona
Shire: Conca de Barberà
Inhabitants: 120
Extension: 29,0 Km2
Altitude: 705 m

The municipality of Conesa is fully located on the plateau of La Segarra de la Conca de Barberà and gathers the depopulated areas of Sabella, Torland and Saladern. Encounters of fossils, Iberian tombs, Roman pottery, Gothic and Arab place names tell us of many centuries of population in these lands and this justifies the "v". Just take a walk through the narrow streets or walk around the wall to realize the reality of the "b"

The old town was declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest (BCIN) by the Generalitat of Catalonia in 2011. On December 8, 1043, Ramón Berenguer I gave him a population card and in his testament, 1076, the Castle of Conesa. Jaime I gave him the name of villa in 1260 and granted him a weekly market. In 1390, Juan I authorized a Jewish neighborhood of 10 houses, located on the street of Ravalli.

The Monastery of Santes Creus had jurisdiction for 550 years, from 1285 to 1835, that with the confiscation of Mendizabal, the monks left these lands. Abbot Jerónimo Contijoch, rebuilt the house Delmera, on the new castle or mansion of the Montpaó family. In the 14th century it reached its highest point with 650 inhabitants and today they live just under a hundred.

Conesa, is located between two streams that take the waters towards the Valley of the Corb, with forests of pines, oaks (they call rebolls), beech trees and maples. Nowadays, only cereals (wheat and barley) are grown, although years ago there were vineyards, hazelnuts, flax and saffron.

The village floor is shaped like an almond, closed by the Wall that make up the same houses at the back. The facades give to the inner streets that extend almost parallel to the Wall.

Its narrow and steep streets fully preserve the medieval air of the time they were built. Currently old and worked stones, modernist tiles and colorful sculptures scattered around different corners of the town are mixed.

In the surroundings you can make beautiful excursions between forests and cultivated fields that change color according to the seasons. 42km of well signposted routes will facilitate walks through the different corners of the term.

What to visit

The medieval town of Conesa is defined by a fence, bounded perfectly by a defensive wall. The only openings are two portals that facilitated control by the Lord. The urban structure is an example of a circular model, following the contour lines, with the castle in the highest area.

The church is located at an angle, taking advantage of the bell tower as a defensive tower, typical element of northern Italy and Catalonia. The wall is doubly reinforced by the existence of two torrents that surround it in large part. The House of the Villa was built on the Calle Mayor, which linked the two portals.

The road structure comprises a single street, which runs from behind the castle to the town square, although it takes different names, maintained over the centuries; Ravalli, from Above, from the Source and Mayor. There are three transverse alleys and three dead ends or dead ends.

The unevenness means that in some alleys we find stairs, and with the use of the ground we can easily imagine the Medieval Conesa.

Places of interest

  • Portal of Santa Maria
  • Plaza Major
  • House of the Vila and museum el Forn de Pa
  • Church of Santa Maria
  • Cal Gallard
  • Cafè Sindicat
  • Call Jueu
  • Font Vella
  • Portal Reial or Sant Antoni
  • Public Safareig
  • Creu de Terme
  • Hermitage - Sant Antoni Hospital
  • Evolved
  • Ca the Escarole
  • Hort dels Frares
  • Campanar i Racó del Mossèn


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Max 25º
Min 10º
Morning Weather forecast Morning
Evening Weather forecast Evening
Max 22º
Min 10º


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