Stay fit, run

Stay fit, run

Running is one of the most complete sports in terms of physical and mental benefits. It is one of the most popular world sports that helps you stay motivated, lengthening your state of well - being.

Running has several positive points, and hence its great reception, it is: economic, simple, progress is noticeable quickly, the limit is set by each one and it is not necessary to possess innate qualities as occurs in other sports. It is a sport that does not discriminate against anyone, no matter the age, space, time, you can do it in any space.

From popular races, route athletics, cross, trails and marches... the offer is vast in Catalonia. And the truth is that the diversity of the Catalan geography allows you to practice the different variants of this sport according to the unevenness and characteristics of the area.

Running allows us to observe the world from different angles and clears our minds.

You dare?

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Clar de Lluna in Santa Maria de Palautordera


Santa Maria de Palautordera

Santa Maria de Palautordera hosts a new edition of the already classic and traditional Clar de Lluna night walk. More than a race, it is a popular festival in which…

Esquella de Pardines Race


La Esquella is much more than a mountain race. It is to share the passion for nature. It's friendship, rapture, solidarity and effort. Compete and have fun at the…

Dream Runners Puigcerdà Race


With departure and arrival in the Puigcerdà lake, in an incomparable setting, the Dream Runners Puigcerdà race is open to all ages and different categories.…

Race Going Rural Running in Ribes de Freser

Ribes de Freser

Do you want to enjoy the sport and suffer a bit with obstacles and lots of fun? Do not hesitate, mail and enjoy the most original race of the Ripollès of…

The Psoritrail of the Boí Valley

La Vall de Boí

For the sixth consecutive year the Psoritrail returns, a charity race against the disease of psoriasis, which takes place every year with a route of 9 kilometers…

Mountain Women's Race in San Gregorio

Sant Gregori

Sports and solidarity event organized by the entities Corro x Ti and Las Niñas Trail in the municipality of Sant Gregori (Vall de Llémena). A day…

Duextrem Amposta mountain race


Organized by the Montbike MTB club , the Duextrem Amposta mountain race will feature different modalities of trail travel and march through the Northwest of the…

Mountain race and popular trek in Conesa


A new edition of the mountain race and popular walk of Conesa returns. Only 1 hour from Barcelona is Conesa, a town of just over 100 inhabitants in the region of…

Santiago race in Gironella


One more year Gironella will host a new edition of the already traditional Santiago race. This edition, and as usual, will feature the race for adults (8km), and…

Catllaràs Trail in La Pobla de Lillet

La Pobla de Lillet

They say that the echo of the deer bellowing runs through the Sierra de Catllarás, demanding the attention of the females. A game between two that will cease…

Duathlon Gironella


Do you dare to participate in the Duathlon of the Villa de Gironella? 5 km of running, 20 km of cycling and 2.5 km of running. We will wait for you!!

Funimetrada in Gelida


The FUNIMETRADA is the popular uphill race that takes place in Gelida for the Fiesta Mayor. It is a race in which the objective is not only to compete against oneself…

Marrana Skyrace in Setcases


The mountain race par excellence of the Pyrenees is back, La Marrana Skyrace! Two circuits: Vuelta del Gigante: 23 km and + 1,900 m of elevation gain Circ de Morens:…

Jeroni Juan Urban Mile in Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Sant Jaume d'Enveja

Sant Jaume d'Enveja celebrates the "Jeroni Juan Urban Mile". A special event, the benefits obtained which will go to the Catalan Foundation of ELA Miquel Valls.…

September of sport in the Ripollès

Camprodon ...

Enjoy a September full of sports activities in the Ripollès. On the weekends of September 18-19 and 25-26 TRAINING CAMP in the Vall de Camprodon. New edition…

Aptonia Triathlon-Cross La Pineda Playa

Vila-seca (La Pineda)

Vila-Seca celebrates a new edition of the APTONIA Triathlon-Cross of La Pineda Platja. The triathletes will have to face a swimming sector through the crystal clear…

Challenge Salou Triathlon


Salou hosts the Triathlon Challenge Salou, the international triathlon competition that brings together more than a thousand athletes from 29 different countries…

Sailfish Just Tri Sèries triathlon circuit in Altafulla


Altafulla celebrates the Sailfish Just Tri Sèries triathlon circuit. For this event, participants will be able to choose between different options, also…

Castelltallat Mountain Race

Sant Mateu de Bages

One more year the residents of the town of Castelltallat organize a new edition of the mountain race. It is a popular race of 14.5 km on foot (not approved) that…

Fair of Monte in Vic


The Fair of the Mountain will be installed again in Vic in the El Sucre Fairground, with a great offer of sport, nature and leisure. A large exhibition area in…

Ripoll Half Marathon


Ripoll celebrates a new edition of the Half Marathon. The Media again proposes three distances for the participants. The main one is 21 kilometers long, but you…

Canicross de Creixell


The IV Canicross de Creixell arrives, with a route of 6,500 meters and an altitude, at its highest point, of approximately 67 meters. The starting time of the first…

Terrassa Half Marathon


The Half Marathon has become a traditional test of the municipality of Terrassa. More than 3000 people are preparing to participate in this event. This edition…

Marxa Castells del Baix Gaià


One more year the population of Altafulla organizes the Marxa Castells del Baix Gaià. The march combines sport, culture, leisure and unites the castles of…

Vila-seca Cross Duathlon

Vila-seca (La Pineda)

The Dolça Tower Park is the starting point of the Vila-seca Duathlon Cross! With a closed circuit, fast and fun, it is suitable for all audiences. Ideal…

Pinell de Brai baby bottle race

El Pinell de Brai

The Cursa dels Biberons is held in the municipality of El Pinell de Brai, in the Terra Alta region. The test begins in Pinell de Brai and soon enters the Sierra…

Vallès Drac Race in Terrassa


Vallès Drac Race is a mountain race through the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l'Obac Natural Park, with different races of 48, 24, 11 and 5 km to be held…

Saltmarradas Race in Santa Maria d'Oló

Santa Maria d'Oló

A new edition of the Saltmarradas Mountain Race is back in Santa Maria de Oló with three different routes and also a MiniMarrades children's race. Do not…

Greenways Marathon

Cassà de la Selva ...

The route of the Carrilet Greenway is a route 80% land (track, no trails) that runs through the middle of nature, passing through natural landscapes characteristic…

Portella race in Vandellòs and l'Hospitalet de l'Infant

Vandellòs i l'Hospitalet de l'Infant

LA PORTELLA is a mountain race event organized by the Serres el Mestral Excursionist Center Club, with the support of the Vandellòs and l'Hospitalet de l'Infant…

Pugo Regis Trail in Puig-reig


Pugo Regis Trail is the Puig Reig mountain race, land of Templars and workers. Do not miss the opportunity to get to know and explore the Baix Berguedà and…

Race May 1 Altafulla


This test is held around the incomparable setting of Altafulla Castle and runs through the different streets of Vila Closa. The Cursa de Primavera is held on May…

Carrera Lo Meló by Artesa de Segre

Artesa de Segre

The mountain club Cudós and the City Council of Artesa de Segre organize the mountain race "El Melón". The main feature of the route is the predominance…

Spring Solidarity Race of Sant Julià de Ramis

Sant Julià de Ramis

A new edition of the Spring Solidarity Race of Sant Julià de Ramis has arrived! Take the tour that best suits you!

Runfestival in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar celebrates a new edition of the Runfestival. Different modalities and distances of foot races in which you will enjoy an incomparable landscape. Do…

Cavacursa activity at the Giró Ribot winery

Santa Fe del Penedès

Fifth edition of La Cavacursa, a 10km race that takes place within the municipality of Santa Fe del Penedès, in a rural setting surrounded by vineyards.…

Trail Guilleries in Sant Hilari Sacalm

Sant Hilari Sacalm

Trail Guilleries is a mountain race with start and finish in the center of Sant Hilari Sacalm that will allow you to enter the green forests of Les Guilleries and…

Charity race for firefighters in Ribes de Freser

Ribes de Freser

Ribes de Freser will hold the Solidarity Race for Firefighters. On Saturday we will celebrate inclusive children's and children's races in Ribes de Freser so that…

Black Rock Race in Sant Boi de Llobregat

Sant Boi de Llobregat

In 2011 a group of mountain lovers decided that Sant Boi de Llobregat deserved a good Mountain Race. Along the way, this idea found Ricard Verge, an athlete who…

March from Barley to Ordis


A new edition of the Barley March returns to Ordis. The test has two routes. One of 8 km and the other of 14 km in medium difficulty to do walking or running. At…

The Bastions in Ribes de Freser

Ribes de Freser

As is becoming traditional, Ribes de Freser hosts a new edition of the Els Bastions race, maintaining the 3 participation modalities: Ultra, Trail and Marathon.…

Mountain race the Pot of Núria


La Olla de Núria is a circular route that aims to cover the entire ridge of mountains over 2,700 m that surround the Sanctuary of Núria. The test…

Castell del Remei Night Race in Penelles


Penelles celebrates one more year the Castell del Remei Night Course, with the two modalities 9 km walking or running, or 14 km running. The Castell del Remei,…

Senglar Trail Cubes


Cubos is preparing to celebrate the first edition of the SenglarTrail race . The test consists of two modalities: race of 18 km or walk of 11 km. Do you cheer up?

L'Olla de Núria in the Vall de Ribes

Ribes de Freser

La Olla de Núria is a 21.5 km circular route whose objective is to cover the entire ridge of mountains higher than 2,700 m that surround the Sanctuary of…

Race of Fire in Olesa de Montserrat

Olesa de Montserrat

The Race of the Fire in Olesa, that takes place by San Juan, coinciding with the Greater Celebration of the municipality. Organized by the Olesa Athletics Club,…

Garmin Epic Trail Vall de Boi

La Vall de Boí

The Garmin Epic Trail Vall de Boí by BUFF will be one of the races that will make up the 2022 Skyrunner ® World Series. The Epic Trail Vall de Boí…


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