Mercat del Ram de Vic 2024

Once again, the city of Vic has its annual appointment with the Mercado del Ram, a meeting point for the agricultural sector and a great party for citizenship.

You will find livestock exhibitions and contests, agricultural products, recreational, sports, cultural and commercial activities, exhibitions and a large space dedicated to gastronomy.

The country house: a space to know the day to day of the farmhouses

Inside the fairground, an area dedicated to showing the origin of the food industry of the region. Through different areas such as the field and the orchard, the barn, the cabin, the stable and the market, visitors can get up close to the daily life of a farmhouse and the agri-food processes that take place. A space directed, mainly, to a family audience with workshops, exhibitions and didactic activities.

Space Earth and Kitchen, products of proximity at your fingertips

An agro-food exhibition, with a space where exhibitors participate with offer of wines, vegetables, sausages, fresh meats, oils, pastries, bread and mushrooms, among others, and a wide range of tasting tapas.

Horses, protagonists in the sports area

Throughout the weekend, the sports area hosts equestrian exhibitions, dressage competitions, obstacle jumps or horseball, among the most outstanding of a wide range of activities. As a novelty this edition, actigvitats intended exclusively for the professional public of the sector will also be offered.

Technical conferences, a commitment to knowledge

Throughout the week of Mercado del Ramo, entities and institutions organize conferences on topics of interest to the professional sector.

Other samples and recreational activities

The visitor will also find samples of the tourism sectors, agricultural machinery industrial ivehicles, horticulture, gardening, renewable energy and automobiles. The Mercado del Ram is also a great party for the city and the city is full of playful offers that complement the commercial side, such as competitions, exhibitions of castellers or sports competitions, among many others.

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Where to sleep

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