The Argentine Passion

The representation of La Passió de Argentona began following a great theater tradition in the Parish Center, a centuries-old tradition that began with the little shepherds, but over the years different representations were made around the passió.

After these years, this project of the passió was presented again to the different groups such as the theater of the Parochial Center, but this idea did not come to fruition until the possibility of making a somewhat different passió was raised thinking about the crucifixion, but also with the resurrection and represent it in Pasqual time, between May and June. Thus was born this representation of Jesus after death. It has been representing itself since 2018.

It brings together amateur actors and also different entities that help us such as the Armats de Mataró.

We wait for you!

What to do

Bosc Vertical

(a 5.2 Km)

Vertical Forest is one of the largest and highest parks in Catalonia,…

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Sala Cabanyes

Mataró (a 3.8 Km)

Get to know the magical Sala Cabanyes, a space where cultural activity…

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En Carro

Vallromanes (a 9 Km)

Discover Vallromanes slowly, at the pace of a cart and connect with…

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Rukimon - Rucs del Corredor

Dosrius (a 4.8 Km)

Do you want to walk next to a donkey? Do you prefer…

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Where to eat

Pirineu en Boca

Barcelona (a 26.1 Km)

Pirineu in Boca was born in March 2015 as the result of…

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Pura Brasa

Pineda de Mar (a 26 Km)

A unique gastronomic experience: Pura Brasa is a close and fun concept…

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Restaurant Jardinet de Gràcia

Barcelona (a 26.6 Km)

Don't wait any longer and try the dinners and cocktails spending a…

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Can Solé

Barcelona (a 26.3 Km)

One of the most emblematic restaurants in Barcelona and one of the…

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Where to sleep

Can Mora de Dalt

Sant Vicenç de Montalt (a 9.3 Km)

15th century farmhouse that for 18 generations belongs to the same family…

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Càmping El Vedado

Vallromanes (a 9.9 Km)

Mountain campsite located in the vicinity of Barcelona, ​​ideal to visit Barcelona…

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Atenea Port Barcelona Mataró

Mataró (a 4.3 Km)

The Hotel Atenea Port Mataro, is located in the seaside city of…

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Aparhotel Atenea Vallès

Granollers (a 10.9 Km)

The Atenea Valles Aparthotel Granollers is located in the commercial center of…

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Ampostine Biographies Cycle in Amposta

22/02/2024 ...

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Festival "A la Vora del Jazz" Mataró

22/02/2024 ...

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Presentation of Madola's "Terres" catalogue, Arxiu Tomàs Balvey…

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Let's make ceramic sculpture!

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