Restaurant Terra Berga

Passeig de la Pau, 27 baixos Berga

The Tierra restaurant was born from various influences rooted in the life of our Chef, Pedro Venturoso.

For him, Tierra has a very familiar significance, since originally his grandfather used "The Earth" to refer to a small family estate in the Alt Berguedà. There fruits and vegetables were grown or even horses were established. "The Earth" is for Chef one of his favorite places of reflection, escape and more. He defines it as the name implies, a piece of land, of feeling.

This same tuning is what the Tierra restaurant wants to give. A project of illusion, personal and professional drive. Eager to follow one of the great references of Berga and Berguedà as it was the Sala Restaurant; directed by the Sala-Márquez family, recognized in Catalonia and referents of mushroom cuisine.

To Terra, to be able to carry out this project of personal and professional push, a great team that works in the same direction accompanies it: try with all the forces to live in Berguedà, work their products and be able to do in the region that has seen them born and grow, what the Chef and his team like.


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