Ornithocaiac als Aiguamolls Llançà

Passeig Marítim, 4 Llançà


We will leave the Sant Pere Pescador Yacht Club and sail down the final stretch of the Fluvià River, passing through the margin of the Aiguamolls del Empordà Integral Reserve, the Caramany Island until we reach the mouth.

We will observe and identify the most characteristic bird species with the help of some chips.

Observe waterfowl

You are easier from inside the river than from outside, because there is much more visibility and, in addition, many birds feel safe in the water and do not get so scared.

Al Fluvià is one of the places where we can regularly see the osprey in winter. The surroundings of the island of Caramany are one of the best places to observe birds.

The itinerary will take us to the beach of La Gola, where the Fluvià pours its waters into the Mediterranean from where we will start our way back to the Nautical Club.

We will sail in double sea kayaks, ideal for people who have no previous experience. With the doubles, we will ensure that we travel a distance, getting tired half the time and sailing twice as fast.

In SK Kayak

We are committed to sustainable tourism and we assume our environmental responsibility.

Duration: 3 Hours



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