Camping Bungalow Resort & Spa La Ballena Alegre Sant Pere Pescador

Carretera Sant Martí d'Empúries, 13 Sant Pere Pescador

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Our most beloved clients, the children, will be able to play in harmony, let their imagination fly and make many friends in the different workshops and activities of the Mini Club. From 4 years.

Adventure park with a circuit of workshops for the little ones to enjoy. Park closed, protected and without danger for children. Recommended from 4 to 13 years old.

With our Teenagers Club your children will enjoy sports activities and workshops suitable for them, where they will meet other young people of their age.

There are also activities, sports, games and workshops for the most "big" of the house... Enjoy the same as your children during the holidays!

You can have fun in the workshops, Music & Shows and tournaments.

In Ballena Alegre Camping we have a spa where you can enjoy the different spaces with different therapies and rituals.


Sauna: dry heat at 85ºC. Treats the effects of thermotherapy such as vasodilation, increased heart rate and breathing, sedation and regulation of balance.

Steam baths: humid heat at 50ºC. Steam benefits the respiratory system and temperature promotes blood circulation. Provides muscle relaxation and well-being.

Salt cabin: halotherapy. It provides great therapeutic advantages preventing joint disorders; fatigue, stress, cardiovascular and favors the improvement of respiratory and skin diseases.

Ice cabin: tones and reactivates our body and mind, activates blood circulation and creates a stimulating action on the nerves. It stimulates the blood improving its circulation.

Hydrotherapy: water cascades, massage jets, swan necks, air beds and thermal relax loungers.

Massages: massage center where a team of professional masseurs will tone your muscles and relax during your vacation. Helping to balance tissues, muscles, dissipating tensions and pains, providing well-being and relaxation. Recommended for all types of people.


Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia and Andorra: KG-000097


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