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La Bullanga is the first project of the non-profit cooperative Prospeccions de Sorra, SCCL, dedicated to promoting activities to disseminate historical and cultural heritage based on the values of the social and solidarity economy.

What does the Bullanga do?

La Bullanga proposes itineraries of historical dissemination through the streets and squares of Barcelona through game and participation dynamics.

The experiences we offer are 100% sustainable and genuine. You will follow the thread of a narration of which you will be the protagonists. Depending on the decisions you make as a group, the outcome of the adventure will change... And all this surrounded by the historical, cultural and gastronomic legacy that the city of Barcelona offers. In this way, you will discover that going through history can also be a dynamic and fun process.

Come enjoy a unique, interactive and social return experience.

Currently, there are two designed itineraries that allow you to get to know the city of Barcelona at two different historical moments: the Roman and the medieval.

Each itinerary has several ways of living to adapt to the preferences of each group. Visit the website and find all the information about what La Bullanga has to offer and how you can make your reservation!

Do Justice in Barcino

An investigation of an alleged corruption plot related to the construction of the new wall will reveal the darkest face in the Roman world.

In this adventure, you will walk the streets of the old Barcino looking for clues and deciding what clues to follow to solve the case. But be careful, because your choices will determine the success or failure of the mission.

The wall of Barcino, a work that will mark the future of the city...

Will you know how to discover the mysteries behind its construction?

Infiltrate the medieval city

You lead a group of peasants, the Remensas, who fight for their freedom in a dying revolt. In this adventure, you will visit the neighborhoods of La Bòria and El Born trying to gather support for your cause.

But you must choose carefully which door to knock on, since Barcelona at the end of the 15th century is not a friendly city for rebellious soldiers and an error can be fatal.

Will you manage to escape alive from a city full of dangers and change the course of history?


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