Delta Menu at L'Estany - Casa de Fusta

The restaurant follows three basic lines: Culture, Gastronomy and Tradition.

It has a main dining room with capacity for 90-100 seats, the cafeteria with capacity for 40-50 people and La Barraca, built with the basic materials that were used in the past: cane, mud and straw, with capacity for 100 diners, ideal for business groups, school groups, conventions or celebrations.

They have their own parking, for motorhomes and coaches. Children's play area, wifi and menus for celiacs and groups.

Check out the Delta menu:

  • Tasting of the pond (to share).
  • Smoked eel toasties.
  • Sea nettles.
  • Shrimp with garlic and parsley.
  • Roman-style squid.
  • Mussels with marinara sauce.
  • Dish to choose from.
  • Seed rice, seafood pan, black rice, fideuada, black noodles.
  • Dessert.
  • Water came from the ground high.

Full table + rice minimum 2 people.

Are you going to miss it?

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