Sala d'arts escèniques La Mercantil Balaguer

Carrer Noguera Pallaresa 40 Balaguer

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The Mercantile Room is an independent and private performing arts space that was born with the desire to become a contemporary room for all people. The room offers a regular and high-quality stage program, carries out its own productions and organizes cultural and training activities in the scenic world.

The Mercantile Room is located in a warehouse located in the center of the city of Balaguer. After a few years of being closed, we have renovated the building to house a multipurpose space for the performing arts, which takes advantage of the unique characteristics of the space.

Access to the room is given through its Ambigú, a meeting place where people's relationship with performing art is prolonged, while having a meal or a drink. Ambigú expands with the Patio de la Mercantil, an ideal space to dine or have a drink and, from time to time, enjoy live performances.

Ambigú and El patio are open to everyone, with no need to enter every weekend, regardless of whether there is a function or not.


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