Icebarcelona Barcelona

Ramon Trias Fargas, 2 (entrada per la platja). Barcelona

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More than a bar!

Icebarcelona invites you to live a unique experience. A room built entirely of ice (walls, bar, furniture) where you can enjoy a cocktail, a beer or any drink you want, at a temperature of about -8 ° C.

Laugh at the cold! You will receive a thermal jacket and gloves to make the most of your visit

Entering the ice bar is not just a fun visit. In addition, you can contemplate incredible sculptures, real works of art created by sculptors from around the world.

And for those people sensitive to the cold, you just have to stay on our warm terrace facing the beach, enjoying a good cocktail.

In addition, Icebarcelona offers packs for any type of celebration: birthdays, bridal showers, corporate events, etc.

Original, amazing, fun, unique! Do not leave Barcelona without experiencing the Ice bar experience. You will not regret.


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