Fundació Xarxa Espectacles familiars Terrassa

Martín Díez, 7, 3r Terrassa

THE XARXA is a Catalan private foundation created in 1995 and is based on local groups that constitute each location to schedule a regular season of performing arts aimed at children.

Each local group organizes and has full autonomy to its calendar of activities, choose the shows you want to program and decide you want to broadcast. This organization and operation of each Local Group, however, must be in accordance with the general criteria of PC XARXA FOUNDATION CHILDREN AND YOUTH SPECTACLE OF CATALUNYA.

Local groups do not work in isolation but have the opportunity to meet to exchange information, experiences and help in solving common problems. In addition, groups have administrative support and management provided by the central office.

The regular program of the Network Foundation, through different local groups, is the main activity of the Network. In addition, the groups also organize other cultural activities, such as samples of theater, fairs and festivals and collaborations with local festivals.

Each Xarxa organizes its stable population theater season for children and families. The number of functions and scheduled shows are organized independently in each population Xarxa. The season usually coincides with the school year, and the periodicity of the functions depend on the group and the characteristics of the population as well as the layout of the theater or to display the shows.

Currently the Foundation xarxaestá composed of 77 local groups spread over 29 districts of Catalonia. The group of volunteers amounts to approximately five hundred people. Committed to the culture they spend their free time, effort and enthusiasm to bring the theater to children and families, thus promoting the creation of new public culture people.


Stable programming of family shows

Fundació Xarxa Espectacles familiars Terrassa


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