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The live escape room game is an activity that is especially recommended to play as a couple, family, with friends or even with coworkers.

For an hour, you will immerse yourself in the story and solve the mysteries that will allow you to escape.

In addition to testing your ingenuity and abilities to solve enigmas and puzzles, you will see that playing an escape room as a team strengthens the bonds of friendship and, above all, it is fun.

As much as you think you weren't capable, you will probably discover that you have more potential than you think because ultimately it comes down to playing and enjoying it.

With friends

original option. Guaranteed fun.

Playing an escape room is, without a doubt, the best option to have a good time with your friends. So don't think about it anymore, form your team and live the experience.

In family

An ingenious way to strengthen ties.

In an escape room it is essential to work as a team to achieve a common goal and that is why it is an ingenious way to strengthen ties. In any case, fun is guaranteed.


Improve teamwork through intelligent leisure.

Participating in a live escape room game contributes to improving teamwork through intelligent entertainment. Despite the differences between colleagues, they all work together to achieve a common goal. Although each one has different aptitudes, they all cooperate using their best abilities. The success achieved in a group is unquestionably gratifying.

Our rooms

Candy House

The poor rabbit does not remember where he has left the magic spring eggs. Come and help him find them to save the long wait.

the magic door

Master August Bumbledore challenges you with one last test before handing you your official wizard's wand. To overcome her, enter her chambers and find the magic door.

the bunker

Live a forgotten fragment of history and embody a radio operator soldier to change the course of World War II.

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