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We make science experience, spurred concerns

At Cuiol Nature we are highly committed to the quality of our activities. We are fully aware that disclosure, rigor and quality of information are very important, and we are very careful. But there is something even more important: our PLEASURE to communicate it. Although the information is found in the books, the pleasure is only found in the activities and in the sparkle of the eyes of each disseminator. It is with this pleasure that day after day pursuing our main objective: that the activities become experiences... of proximity to the cosmos.

Astronomy activities (the universe touched hands)

At the Pedraforca Astronomical Center we put the universe... to touch hands! We offer different Cosmos discovery activities, aimed mainly at family audiences and educational centers (from primary to high school).

The activities last about 90 minutes and have two parts:

  • Planetarium Session: The digital planetarium takes us on a virtual journey through the universe, from the solar system to the deep sky. We will have the opportunity to meet different objects (globular clusters, nebulae, galaxies...) and processes (formation and evolution of stars or galaxy mergers) that occur in the sky. There are also talks of different theories that explain the evolution of the universe up to the current scenario.
  • Observation with a telescope: Observation session with telescopes (solar or night). Here we have the opportunity to see "live" and live some of the objects that have been discussed in the digital planetarium session. After the observation, in the last part of the activity, science leaves a small space in mythology: well, enjoying the quality night sky of Saldes, we will identify constellations (with the help of a laser) and we will know some of their mythological legends.!

The theme of the activities (planetarium session) is varied

A journey through the universe: Generic cosmos discovery activity (Scheduled all summer, practically every night).

The stars and the chemistry of life: Discovery activity of the stars. We will know their processes of formation, evolution and "death". There is talk of the process of formation of the elements that make up matter... and life! We will finish the activity with a solar observation (Scheduled all summer, practically every day).

On the shoulders of giants: A journey from ancient Greece to the present day, talks about the great scientists who, with their contributions, have revolutionized or changed the course and way of understanding astronomy throughout history.

Science overcomes fiction: Activity that proposes to know some of what today are the great mysteries of astronomy, such as dark matter, dark energy or the vacuum of the universe.

* All activities can be adapted in form and content depending on the type of audience or the pedagogical requirements or needs of each group in particular.

other modalities

To take astronomy (astronomy to take away): For those groups (schools or individuals) who can not travel to the Center, we have an inflatable planetarium and a portable projector... science comes to you!

Astronomy to order (ideal for families): If you are a group of 7 or more people, you can order your astronomy activity.


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