Monistrol de Montserrat

Province: Barcelona
Shire: Bages
Inhabitants: 3027
Extension: 11,8 Km2
Altitude: 161 m

Monistrol of Montserrat is a town located in the southern region of Bages, adjacent to the neighboring regions of Anoia and Llobregat Baix. Its location is unique because it is grounded at the foot of the mountain of Montserrat. Its core is divided into two parts by the Llobregat river running through it, to the right is the population and left Monistrol find the developments of the population, among which are Monistrol - Residential, The Pla o Batenera.

Its location makes it a population of central Catalonia very well connected to the capital, Barcelona, ??both by road and by rail or other means of communication, such as the transverse axis and its link to other roads.

The Montserrat Monistrol charm lies not only in the fact of being situated at the foot of one of the most famous mountains in Catalonia, but throughout the whole forming with each of the elements that make it unique. Such as for example, the magnificent vistas seen the Cavall Bernat popular monolith, or the Plaça de la Font Grand, where we find the source that bears his name and which is responsible for supplying the entire population. This source is one of many hosted by the municipality and, at the same time, one of the most important because of its location and history.

The first town Monistrol population of Montserrat is customary to place on Calle Sant Joan, where we find an entourage of villages, among which are the Cavaller Cal or Cal Gibert. If we will get to the arcaded Plaça Bo-Bo dance scene votive dedicated to San Sebastian which is danced every January 20 as honor to ward off pests of the population to be uttered in the late sixteenth century. Continuing wondering around the streets you reach the Gothic bridge that crosses the river Llobregat and, in turn, offers a fantastic view of the mountain of Montserrat. Nearby is the Priory Palace has one of the most beautiful cloisters of Gothic civil architecture.

If you continue along the Paseo de la chute arrive at Aqueduct Cal Pla sixteenth century who was responsible for bringing water from the Font Grand Priory Palace and Gibert Cal. Continuing up the stairs you come to is Pilons, instead of over cami ral going from Barcelona to Manresa. You can continue to the church of Sant Pere, the ninth century and then to the Chapel of the Angel, the seventeenth century.

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Monistrol de Montserrat

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Monistrol de Montserrat

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