Isona i Conca Dellà

Province: Lleida | Shire: Pallars Jussà | Inhabitants: 1.150 | Extension: 139,4 Km2 | Altitude: 659 m

The municipality of Isona i Conca Dellà occupies an extensive and highly diversified territory, since it is formed by the union of former municipalities. Those who are part of Abella de la Conca are: Abella de la Conca, Bóixols and La Rua. And those who belong to Isona Dellà basin are: Basturs, Benavent, Biscarri, Conques, Covet, Llordà, Figuerola d'Orcau, Gramanet Isona Masos of Sant Martí, Orcau, Sant Romà d'Abella and Siall.

Within the Municipality of Isona i Conca Dellà find the following attractions:

Conca Museum Dellà

It is located in the center of the town of Isona. Has different areas that address three distinct issues: the territory of the Conca Dellà Aeso Roman population (Isona), the time of the dinosaurs. Since the museum guided tours to is called Cretaceous Park, encompassing different areas visited (paleontological sites where you can see eggs, bones, footprints and other debris related to dinosaurs), assets like the castle or church Llordà Covet and natural as Basturs lakes.

Castle Llordà

One of the best Catalan Romanesque residential Palacios. Guided tours booked in advance by calling the museum Dellà basin.

Castle and Romanesque church of the Pieta of S. XI - XIII of Orcau

At the entrance of the village of Orcau find the indicator to reach the assembly formed by the castle and the church found in the top of a hill which is accessible on foot.

Roman Wall of S. II Aeso BC - V AD in Isona

Located near the town of Isona, is accessible on foot from the road through the village of Isona.

Front lines of the Civil War

You can visit the front line national and republican (bunkers, trenches and other war). The best place to visit is in the Posa (from Isona take the road to Coll de Nargó and arrived at the head of the line , about 3 miles or so, we continue the road to the right and about 200 meters away is the diversion of Posa, about 2 kilometers)

Romanesque church of Sant Andreu del S. XI-XII and old people Biscarri

To visit the old town and the church of St. Andreu of S. XI-XII, will come Biscarri and follow the road through the village until it ends

Church of San Miguel Watershed S.XII

The church is located at the top center of the village of Conques.

Church of Santa Maria de Covet S. XII

Covet church, with one of the most outstanding covers of Catalan Romanesque, is located in the center of the town of Covet. Order to visit the interior of the church is to ask for the key to cure Isona, you can find calling by phone 973 66 40 17.

Modern-Gothic church of the Virgin of the Assumption of Isona

Isona church building remains preserved Gothic elements corresponding to the reform that took place after the Civil War "Devastated Regions." Being part of the wall of the church contains various Roman tombstones reused.

Figuerola closed Villa d'Orcau

The old Figuerola d'Orcau keeps well closed structure of the old village.

La Posa Paleontologic

Recent studies confirm that this deposit, until recently listed as a site of dinosaur footprints, is a Cretaceous sea floor where you can see numerous holes corresponding to food brands produced by herds, which makes it a unique site in Europe. since Isona take the road to Coll de Nargó and when we got to the line, about 3 miles or so, we continue the road to the right and about 200 meters away is the diversion of Posa, about 2 kilometers, when it comes to the hermitage leave the car and walk back the same place where you have spent with the car and find some stairs that lead to the site.

La Posa: military constructions línia Republican front

In April 1938 the national troops, on the offensive, entered Catalonia and established a front line following the rivers Noguera Pallaresa, Segre and Ebro For nine long months, the Pallars Jussà, like Pallars Sobira and Noguera, was divided into two.

In the vicinity of the shrine of the Virgen de la Posa can find different military constructions corresponding to the Republicans. These have come down to us in excellent condition due to neglect by the Republican troops in the time when national final offensive began in January 1939 Catalonia. A tour of the vicinity of the shrine can see:

  • Bunkers circular openings having different surveillance, defense and access to the soldiers. These are constructed with reinforced concrete in the walls are still visible marks that sandbags around her left imprinted in cement.
  • A trench dug in the natural terrain linking the different bunkers. This follows a zigzag path to avoid the impact of projectiles to expand along the trench.
  • Other elements such as a cave carved into the rock that had to function as magazine and food as well as different cisterns for collecting rainwater.

Moreover, the very shrine of the Posa becomes an element closely related to the civil war period, as the building, originally built in medieval times, was severely affected by the bombing. The chapel, like the people of Isona, was rebuilt after the war, by the "Direction of Devastated Regions". The shell reused as the chapel bell, is a powerful symbol of the tragic events that took place here.

Site of dinosaur footprints Orcau

At the entrance of the village you will find an indicator to the right where you will see the path to take, follow-it for about 10 minutes and reach the location of prints. Latter is comprised of steep limestone layer, which contains lots of depressions are holes produced by the passage of sauropod dinosaurs.

Site of dinosaur eggs Basturs

Site of dinosaur eggs that can be visited with a guided tour of the museum together beforehand Dellà Conca

Natural Ponds Basturs

Karst Lakes exceptional scenic surroundings. To reach the old road we Isona - Temple and turn off at the first turn to the right, towards the village of St. Roman Abella. A few miles from the diversion will find a sign on the left which indicates the track to be followed to arrive. Also accessible from the village of Basturs.

Vultures Colony Benavent

The presence of the vultures in the Basin usual. One of the places where you can see is the Roc de Benavent.

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