Guided tours to Mas Casablanca

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Mas Casablanca Taradell

At Mas Casablanca they offer you guided tours every weekend! Both Saturdays and Sundays and all holidays.

They are visits that last two hours but the entrance is all day. They are open all year round.

Mas Casablanca is a traditional Catalan country house that has an informative and pedagogical desire, since it shows life as a countryman, so that children and also adults understand and value the relationship that unites us with the land and the animals, learning to love her and respect her.

During the visits there is direct contact with the animals, you can touch them, which is what the little ones like the most, hear with your fingers the textures of the hair, wool or feathers. You will give them food and enjoy being surrounded by nature.

The guided tour lasts approximately two hours and you will be accompanied throughout the entire tour. This visit is designed for families and is suitable for all ages. You will see all the animals on the farm, you will be able to feed them, you will ride the tractors, they will show you the Casablanca garden and they will explain to you how a farmhouse works. You can be a farmer for a day and enjoy a unique experience knowing all the details!

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