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Carrer Fernando Pessoa, 17. Barcelona

Retobox Escape Room in Barcelona for groups, a leisure activity where logic, ingenuity and lateral thinking are your best tools to overcome one of our 3 challenges.

This is an adventure live in a completely personalized and appropriate to the theme of the activity stage during which your wits will be tested, it is not necessary to be a genius but observer, methodical and collaborator, since teamwork it is the best result gives.

The clock is ticking and the implacable clock knows no friends. Dispondreis a limited time to fit all the pieces and overcome room escape time. Retobox raises full interaction with the environment and not an intellectual challenge of puzzles.

Retobox has 3 totally different room acclimated escape, escape from a cell, a cabaret with a show nonsense or pirate Captain 's cabin Pessoa.

Only you book online.


Groups 2 to 6 participants - 60 minutes

Years ago you were sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime they have not committed. You are innocent but your lawyer has been unable to take away this mess off. Judges and prosecutors never executed the sentence, but today I quoted the judge in court and ordered that the sentence is fulfilled, and arranged in 60 minutes you may be transferred to the maximum security prison for life. Meanwhile ye remain confined in the dungeon of the courts, a small prison known as the cell, it may be your last chance to escape...

Your attorney has a plan, but hacéroslo get is not easy, stay tuned to every detail, can be a clue that you closer to freedom...

The life sentence is firm.

  • Objective: To escape from the prison of the courts.
  • Strategy: follow the logic of leaving a prison and not solving logic tests.


Groups 2 to 6 participants - 60 minutes

When Retobox ventured to create a room escape reached an agreement with the owner of the current premises, we agreed a good price in exchange for not touch or enter a particular enclosure thereof. As we said the owner, the compound is known among his family as Cabaret, a small theater course I think Houdini, the famous escape artist of the early twentieth century.

According to family legend, Houdini, obsessed with death, he believed he was possessed by spirits, so over years traveled, researched and determined that it was possible to enter the realm of the dead, but it entailed freeing souls to the underworld who owned those who are daring death. In Retobox much we do not believe this story, but as this escape the room does not give too much money, we decided to open the door to the Cabaret and let the boldest... "

Houdini warned us to enter the world of the dead, go into the large room, which allegedly is behind the anteroom of Cabaret. You dare!!

  • Objective: Get out of the world of the dead.
  • Strategy: to move observation, the ability to open and logic to exit.

captain Pessoa

Groups 1 or 2 participants - 25 minutes

In the Poseidon has been a mutiny that has ended with Captain Pessoa hung of the mainmast, the mutineers have fled and burned the boat and you, as friends of the captain, you have locked in his cabin.

The ship will sink in 25 minutes... It will give you time to take the riches of the captain? or your life is worth more than all the gold you can amass?

Can you leave the pirate captain's cabin Pessoa before the waters will waterlogging?

  • Objective: Escape before the Poseidon sinks.
  • Strategy: solving puzzles and discover alternative openings.

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