The paper path for Catalonia

Capellades, Igualada, Jorba (a 23.4 Km)

Knowing which is the papermaking process or as this has evolved over time are some of the intricacies that can be removed to make the route that we propose this…

The leather path in Igualada

Igualada (a 23.4 Km)

The Anoia is one of the interior regions of Catalonia, located at the eastern end of the Catalan Central Depression, where Igualada exerts its capital. Igualada…

May 18: International Museum Day in Catalonia

Barcelona, Capellades, Cercs, Cornellà de Llobregat ... (a 24 Km)

This month we propose a very different route. A route that you will make yourselves, according to your interest! As you may already know, May 18 is International…

Route of the castles in Catalonia

Cardona, Figueres, Foradada, Miravet ... (a 24 Km)

In Catalonia there are about six hundred castles and fortresses scattered throughout the territory. Surely, many of you must have one close to home or you will…

Condal Pyrenees: a tour of the medieval Catalan identity

Berga, Besalú, Cardona, Castell de Mur ... (a 24 Km)

Condal Pyrenees route is the path of Catalan history, because it is not understood one without the other. He haunted medieval times when Catholics were struggling…

Geological itinerary through the Brai de Oló

Santa Maria d'Oló (a 24.5 Km)

On the C-25 road (Eje Transversal) from Vic or from Manresa until you find the Santa Maria de Oló exit , and continue on the BV-4315 road to Oló.…

The Ribera forest in Santa Maria d'Oló

Santa Maria d'Oló (a 24.5 Km)

On the C-25 road (Eje Transversal) from Vic to Manresa we find the Santa Maria de Oló exit , and following the BV-4315 road to Oló. Right at the entrance…

The main characters in the the siege of 1714

Barcelona, Lleida, Moià, Sant Boi de Llobregat ... (a 25 Km)

The story is not written on paper with the help of a pen. The story is drawn with the facts, actions, decisions and actions that people do. And the site of Barcelona…

Fairs, cowherd boys, games and theater to celebrate Christmas

Barcelona, Calaf, Corbera de Llobregat, Espinelves ... (a 25.5 Km)

With December comes the cold and the desire to be at home near the fireplace or heating, but these dates allow us to discover Christmas traditions that are celebrated…

Shrines in Solsonès

Guixers, Lladurs, Pinós, Riner ... (a 25.7 Km)

The Solsona is, as described at the time Josep Pla: one of the regions that form the "highlands of Tenerife, cold, exposed to the gusts of wind of the Pyrenees,…

The splendor of the Solsonès Baroque

Pinell de Solsonès, Pinós, Riner, Sant Llorenç de Morunys ... (a 25.7 Km)

Baroque art invaded the religious buildings of Catalonia during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and is characterized by its ornamental abundance. This…

Looking for mushrooms in Berguedà and Solsonès

Avià, Bagà, Berga, Capolat ... (a 28.1 Km)

Mushroom hunting has become a national sport in its own way and we have to enjoy our forests. Go to look for mushrooms and is a general obsession, and this is great…

Textil colonies in Berguedà

Berga, Gironella, Puig-reig (a 28.1 Km)

On this route, from, we invite you to visit an important part of our heritage: industrial colonies. Specifically this route focuses on textil colonies…

Itinerary the domain of water in L'Estany

L'Estany (a 29.1 Km)

The tin is gone, but the natural and human traces are still very present. The witnesses associated with its history are found throughout: the mine, a great engineering…

Route the domain of the land in L'Estany

L'Estany (a 29.1 Km)

We highlight of this family route, the spectacular views of the town of L'Estany, the Natural Parks of Montseny, Guilleries-Savassona, the cliffs of Collsacabra,…

Route of the sources of l'Estany

L'Estany (a 29.1 Km)

In l'Estany we find a large number of fountains spread throughout the territory. They are located both in the mountains and in the plain, and they gave a fundamental…

Itinerary through the city of Martorell

Martorell (a 29.3 Km)

Martorell allows a wide range of possibilities to enjoy the historical heritage and the natural environment, on foot or by bicycle. The tour of the Villa begins…

150 years of the railway from Tarragona to Martorell

Altafulla, El Vendrell, Gelida, L'Arboç ... (a 29.3 Km)

2015 marked the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the railroad that connected the lands of Penedés and Tarragona with Barcelona. This construction involved…


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