Guitart Rural La Vall de Bianya

Mas El Guitart, s/n La Vall de Bianya
Capacity: 14-16

But the Guitart is a place to live, to meet, to rest, to play, to dream, to relax... It is also an open house, entrance and exit, exit and entry, where the outside enters inside and where the inside comes out. This is a nest full of sensations: the bellow of a calf that his mother demands, the incessant song of the woodpecker, the frost that stains the meadow white, the cloud that caresses the sun, the wind blow that strips the trees, the laughter of children that is lost in the forest and so many others.

These are some of the pieces of memories that you can take from your stay in our house. Those of us who live, we have no other wealth more valuable than this one and we like to be able to share it.

Relax and Spa

In Mas el Guitart there are many ways to relax, enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings, it would be one. We suggest you also try our exclusive spa, upon reservation and our range of therapies.

All this to have a good memory of your stay.


  • Suite d'aigua
  • Vaques
  • Gallines
  • Conills
  • Ànecs
  • Cel
  • Terra
  • The Graner (Cel i Terra)

Independent stays

  • Cabanya Gossets
  • Cabanya Gatet

Our kitchen

To better define our kitchen we collect some of the comments from the guests:

  • Lali and Toni have done with their exquisite cuisine that we have enjoyed all the meals. The dinner has been a symphony of flavors, you can not describe it, you have to be able to enjoy it.
  • The meals have been innovative.
  • To repeat.

For us it is a pleasure to offer a simple meal but worked with care and passion. We like the contrasts and give a touch of entertainment.

It is also a proximity, seasonal and Mediterranean cuisine. We hope you like it.

We are not a restaurant and we do not have a menu, we offer a unique menu that we renew daily. We offer breakfast and dinner always with a reservation.

Packs can be reserved by filling in a reservation request, leaving your information indicating, what pack you want to give away and the names of the people who receive the gift. It is not necessary to specify the date if you do not know.

Gift vouchers do not expire.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia: PG-000074


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