Province: Lleida
Shire: La Noguera
Inhabitants: 81
Extension: 15,9 Km2
Altitude: 387 m

Tiurana is a town and municipality in mountain area of the region of La Noguera. Officially opened in 2007, the nation inherits the name of the old village of Tiurana, who had to leave in 1999 to allow flooding of Rialb.

Tiurana history is very short, since Tiurana was completely flooded by the waters, but the tenacity of a people to preserve their identity, made ​​possible the reconstruction of the new Tiurana near its patron saint, the Virgin of Solés.

We can not miss the arcades of the street, located between Ca l'Armengol and Cal Coma; the main facade of the church of St. Peter the Apostle, the sixteenth century; the medieval sarcophagus dated between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and the tombstone of Reverend Joan Soler, with an inscription that dates back to 1653; well coated or Arabic well, which is covered by a classic style building with rectangular and has two bronze faucets or pipes; the oratory of San Antonio Pilaret having the interior decorated with a tiled image of the Virgin of Solés; the portal of the Cross, which was situated at the head of Main Street as the boundary of the old walled town; monolithic cross the road Ral, crowned by the representation in relief of a pelican; and the boundary cross, erected until 1936 outside the walls of the walled town and the only part of the crucifix is ​​preserved.

Part of his memory, how well the museum of old trades, a place outdoors where the tools they used in their day are exposed,?? ancestors who lived in rural areas and are engaged in agriculture, for obtain sufficient food to live.

In honor of his patron, find the shrine of the Virgin of Solés, the sixteenth century, consisting of a single ship of regular dimensions decorated with Baroque paintings.

On top of a hill before reaching the village of Tiurana, you can visit the church of Sant Ermengol the eleventh century Romanesque style with a single nave.

At the north end of the Sierra de los Moros, you can see the eponymous tower, from which only the square base of a defensive structure or surveillance is maintained, and is part of the archaeological heritage of the region.

The cozy tradition of this town, which offers rural accommodation to enjoy the tranquility and scenery, makes it an ideal rural tourism destination.

The village's history is revealed to visitors through the permanent photographic exhibition present at City Hall and guided visits made ​​by the municipality, where the past and present of Tiurana is explained and its close links with the swamp rialb as well as talk the heritage of the old and the new population.

Tiurana location, so close to the swamp, facilitates access for various water activities, and in their natural environment can enjoy mountain bike circuits, guidance, hiking, ultralight flight, ballooning, paragliding, and the last Sunday of each month, takes place nordic walking. This population has also become a prized destination for active tourism.

Tiurana and its surroundings also offer a wide culinary range to taste different specialties of the region.

In addition to more traditional festivals such as the festival (last weekend of August), in Tiurana organize different parties and events such as aeronautics Concentration (second half of May), in which attendees can rent microlight flights to enjoy landscapes bird's eye view; Walk in the light of the moon, which takes place every August; Festival of the story, invites children and adults to participate in activities related to the world of the story, also in August; Chili's Fair and the Jewish Tiurana organized to offer tasting and sale of products that give name and the biker meeting, held annually in conjunction with the Fair Chili.