DO Empordà

DO Empordà

The Empordà, located geographically in the extreme north-east of Catalonia, presents a landscape of contrasts, with the natural limits in the north of the mountainous area of the Pyrenees, and to the east, the Mediterranean Sea, with the spectacular Costa Brava, make Empordà a unique place, which unites sea and mountains, where the vineyard grows less than a span of land to prevent the tramuntana from taking it away.

The climate is Mediterranean, with influences from humid winds from the south and cold from the north. The land is poor and acidic, with good drainage and suitable for the production of quality wines.

There is no doubt that the culture of wine and the knowledge of the trade in the product of the vine reaches Catalonia around the s. VI BC thanks to the most important Greek colony in the country, Empúries, a city that, after centuries, will give its name to the entire Empordà region.

The range of Empordà wines is very wide. Red wines are of high quality, full-bodied, well constituted and harmonious. White wines are produced , often with autochthonous varieties, fresh and tasty, as well as other single-varietal wines of remarkable quality. They are also rosé, characterized by a well-defined cherry color, with great personality and a delicate aroma, fresh and with a moderate alcohol content.

A singularity of the area is Garnacha del Empordà, a natural sweet wine made from the grape variety that gives it its name. Generous, with the same ripe, warm and silky grape flavor, virtues that give it the characteristics of an exceptional dessert wine, along with the other sweet wine typical of the area, the Moscatel del Empordà.

Organic wines, mistelas, overripe grape wines and sparkling wines complete the Empordà wine offer.


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