Hotel Rural La Torre del Vilar Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer

Ctra. Vic a Avinyó Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer

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La Torre del Vilar is a small rural hotel with only 7 rooms, 5 suites, all of them decorated with 19th century antiques, but with all the comforts of the 21st century.

We practice calm tourism, unhurried, in contact with nature and based on a traditional way of doing things. Every day we try to offer our customers traditional cuisine with a touch of inspiration, but always based on grandmother's recipes and with strict quality products.

The breakfast is very complete with artisan products. We also have a Nordic bathtub (jacuzzi) with hot water for moments of relaxation next to the pool in a closed room. It is heated ecologically with a wood stove. We recommend mixing a cold shower with a very hot bath. The swimming pool, the gardens, excursions on foot or by bicycle are some of the activities that can be carried out. Other interesting visits can be made in Vic with its market, the cathedral, the Roman temple or the narrow streets of the historic center.

An excursion to the Sau reservoir, Ripoll, Rupit and Pruit, L'Estany, Moià or Montseny. Or just read and let your imagination run wild.


At La Torre del Vilar we have 7 rooms, all of them very spacious and perfectly equipped, with bathroom, heating, air conditioning, LCD television, terrace, etc. One on the ground floor, that of the grandparents, so that it can be accessed in a wheelchair and fully adapted.

Bisbe's Suite

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, the presence of the church in the homes of wealthy people was common. In the case of the Torre del Vilar it was much more evident, as it had a consecrated chapel inside. The Bishop was treated with great consideration by the family and his refined gastronomic tastes are legendary. This room was used by the Bishop of the diocese on visits to the house.

Suite the Minyones

They were very important in the running of the house, the number of maids gave an idea of how important the family was and its economic possibilities. And unlike other employees, they lived and slept in their main house. The room that was assigned to them depended on the number of maids that made up the service, but always very close to the other main rooms of the house. It is said that the owner visited this room often, but this could not be verified.

Masters Suite

In traditional Catalan families, the figure of the patriarch was very important, since he was the one who decided all the important aspects of the family and controlled all the activities of the house, no matter how small. His decisions were respected and obeyed by all. His room was always the best oriented in the house.

Hereu's Suite

All the Catalan families wished with all their might, that a man was born, that is, "L'Hereu", the heir, whose first son was the predestined figure to perpetuate the properties and activities of the family. He inherited all the land and the manor house, it was like this because he did not have to distribute the cultivated fields among his children, making them smaller and unproductive. When he married, he occupied with his wife, a room to the right of his parents in the main house.

Suite the Pubilla

The eldest daughter was the recipient of the main dowry -financial endowment, cattle and household utensils-, the family was willing to offer her in marriage to a good suitor, to marry her as well as possible, yes, it was essential that she arrive a virgin for the wedding night. His room was the most guarded, to prevent the fieryness of youth from damaging the complicated network of alliances between the most important families in the region.

Suite of the Hereet

The eldest son or daughter of the heir (heir), was the recipient of all the attention of the women of the house, and especially of the maids, one of them, the mistress, was in charge of attending to all the needs. His room was one of the smallest in the house but always well oriented and well ventilated.

Suite dels Avis

In the houses of the Torre del Vilar era, up to four generations were living in the same house. The Grandparents were highly respected for their expertise and treated with great consideration. They always had their room on the ground floor, very close to the chapel and the kitchen, to facilitate the most common movements.


At the La Torre del Vilar restaurant, we welcome you with a refreshing cava cocktail followed by cuisine with local products and our grandmother's traditional recipes, both meat and fish, and a relaxing setting with candlelight and background music.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia and Andorra: PCC-000542


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