Ca la Leonor Bot

Capacity: 5 | Carrer Ferreries, 12 Bot

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Cottage in Bot, Terra Alta

Stone and wood, illusion, renovation, warmth and hospitality, tradition, simplicity, comfort, details. House, Ca la Leonor, aromas and scents from before, as always. Sensations, senses, wake up! Gentle water from gutters, vital artery, transparent puddles. Greenway, vertebrador axis, landscape, splendor.

The Ports, oxygen, life, mountains, rocky peaks, embraced by clouds, pinch the sky, bulls. Oil and wine, gold and blood. Garbí and cierzo, air and wind. Carpet of vines, greenery, ocher, magenta, in autumn. Olives, silver leaves, tasty fruit. Almond blossoms, pure, of white desposats. A desire. I heard! It is the sound of silence!

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Calle Ferreries takes the name of the road that led to the village smithy. The smithies were located outside the towns, there were the hoes, axes, bars, etc., and the commander of Orta was paid the tax called "llossol" here the word llussiar or slabs, renewing the cut of a steel instrument.
Here, too, care was taken for wounded and sick animals, and in fact, the smithies were the cradle of the veterinary profession.

Although there is no written record, Ferreries Street probably began to have houses in the second half of the eighteenth century, taking as reference the population explosion of the town and the few notarial documents in which it leaves.

According to the cadastre the year of construction of the house is 1,880. The house was conditioned as the years passed and the style of life required it. However, part of the original wooden beams and stone walls have been preserved.

In 2012 it was completely rehabilitated respecting its character and its soul, we have given it a more current and practical look. We hope that the result will make you stay pleasant and unforgettable.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia and Andorra: HUTTE-002021


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