Province: Tarragona | Shire: Terra Alta | Inhabitants: 683 | Extension: 34,9 Km2 | Altitude: 286 m

Bot is a municipality located in Terra Alta Paddles riverside that since the beginning have come from water to the inhabitants of the population and it is believed that for this reason they settled in this area.

Their environments show us the wonders of the area and therefore have created several routes:

  • San Jose - Hole Doncell to: leading the way to the orchards to the hermitage of San Jose, nineteenth century Baroque, ending in the Hole Recreation Area of the Maiden, where tables and Source.
  • Pots: both on foot and by car allows us to reach pots Paddles River, with its large stones and the cold water of the river.
  • Fontcalda Hermitage: following the path of the train, by the river, and crossing their tunnels us reach the sanctuary of Fontcalda.
  • The Greenway of Terra Alta: Green road is 24 km and it joins the Baix Ebre. Bot is approximately half of the route, so it is ideal to start walking. Needless to say that this path leads us to discover unknown places quiet and located in the countryside. There is a stretch of about 5km adapted to pass all kinds of people.

Furthermore, elements of the population are also noteworthy. For example, the church of San Blas de Bot, from the early seventeenth century and Renaissance style. Paladella The house is one of the other architectural buildings to consider the population of Bot. Despite being a manor house, is a very similar style to others in the area because it uses Gothic and classical forms. It dated from the XVII-XVIII. But Bot also known for wineries that welcomes and winemaking tradition.

The festivities celebrating Bot are diverse and many of them, engaged in various sanctities. In January, the Feast of the Olive and San Antonio, the major festivals are celebrated during the first week of February, dedicated to San Blas and phlox, population patterns, the March San Jose in the San Cristobal July and August by the Virgin, summer parties.

What to do

Coves de Benifallet

Benifallet (a 12.6 Km)

One of the best-known tourist options throughout the territory, made up of…

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La Passió de Vilalba dels Arcs

Vilalba dels Arcs (a 12.5 Km)

The Passion of Vilalba brings us closer to the social and cultural…

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Marcats pel 38, La Batalla de l'Ebre

Corbera d'Ebre (a 10.5 Km)

Discover the stories that have been hidden in a drawer and that…

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Benifallet (a 5.7 Km)

Come discover us at Beniemociones! We offer a wide variety of water…

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Where to eat

Restaurant Hotel Nou Moderno

Vilalba dels Arcs (a 12.3 Km)

Hotel restaurant to enjoy the tranquility of Terra Alta and try the…

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Where to sleep

Casa Teto


It is a typical town house, one of those of his whole…

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Ca la Leonor


Rural house of 1880, rehabilitated in 2012 conserving the original wooden beams…

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Enoturisme Celler Piñol

Batea (a 11.2 Km)

Celler Piñol is a family winery located in Batea, dedicated to the…

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Les Valletes

Arnes (a 14.9 Km)

Wooden houses fully equipped. With garden for relaxation.

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Ping-pong Championship at Pinell de Brai


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The Passion of Vilalba dels Arcs

28/03/2024 ...

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Discover the Battle of the Ebro

Marcats pel 38, La Batalla de l'Ebre (Corbera d'Ebre) (a 10.5 Km)

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20 €

Horta, the spirituality of the ports and Picasso

Tarvitur Visites Guiades (Miravet) (a 18.1 Km)

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Draw: Two double tickets for the Passion of Esparreguera

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Raffle: 5 tickets for a family visit to the Farm - Escuela Corral…

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