Bodegues Visendra Aiguamúrcia

Colon, 22 (Les Pobles) Aiguamúrcia

Visendra five senses, enjoy a day with your family and your company, you delves into the history, culture and a form of know-how that have kept generation after generation.

Visendra knows the world, he ventured touching and tasting their wine, but a wine experience with the people you care about yourself and experience the culture and environment. Visendra a young and innovative history, linked to the winemaking tradition of its territory.

The family Sendra takes several generations living in the village of les Pobles  cultivating the vine as the main business. Evolving with this crop and how to cultivate have managed to have a high quality product, sold for years in renowned business houses and having been able to buy land in 1986, now since 2010 have stepped forward have created your brand, Visendra, which is its symbol, wine and family.

This new project they want to share with you and you're part, like many other visendreus and visendreres, which once discovered them and that from now accompany this unusual journey.

Production is limited but eager to get to all of you. The field work is without pesticides or herbicides, to protect your health, for the health of the planet and for a commitment to future generations.

Visendra is a project more than a company, it is a feeling more than a business but without you this will never be possible.

Visendra want to be? Visit them waiting for you!!

The view

The visit includes:

  • Guided tour and tasting of 2 wines and accompanied with a sparkling toast with oil, cheese and salami.
  • € 7 per person (free under age without tasting can design your label for buying a pack of wine)

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