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Heir to the long tradition of Bar-Restaurant Modern Vilalba dels Arcs, the Nou Modern holds out the prospect of opening the jar of essences of Terra Alta all visitors.

Three generations who are dedicated to host and to host those who want to enjoy the products and the environment of this dry land but also grateful as its people. The Modern Nou is a place of rest and calm, as well as starting point for many activities that can develop in the unspoilt surrounding environment.


They have 10 double rooms and 1 single, fully equipped with bathroom, air conditioning, television, wi-fi, elevator, restaurant and parking.


The Nou Modern is the little brother of Modern Bar, Local inaugurated by Jepo and Rosetta grandparents, almost 50 years ago. Rosa, the granddaughter of the Rosetta, along with Teresa, his mother, are the cooks of the house.

Teresa brings experience and wisdom in the preparation of the classic dishes of Terra Alta, examples are trout in juice, clotxa or veal fricassee, original recipe Rosetta grandmother. Rosa gives a sigh of innovation on demand, with updated dishes using local produce, cuisine with touches of fusion tasting menu paired with wines from Terra Alta reviews. Dishes funny yet honest and respectful with the product and the environment in which they have grown.

The wine, an essential element of culture and socioeconomic development of the region, is also a star product. As a family of peasant roots defend the presence of the wines of the people and the DO Terra Alta, which protects.

Wines have almost all the wineries in the region, with constant rotation and paying special attention to new products, small and family wineries and craft cooperatives. The oil made ​​from the variety "empeltre" from olive trees, along with new references Arbequina, is a socio-gastronomic capital element in your area. You can try it and appreciate it in all its authenticity and its organoleptic qualities.

Environment: The plateau of Terra Alta

Vilalba dels Arcs is a town with corners full of history, as the main street, Calle del Call, the town hall square, the parish church, the brotherhood of the Mare de Deu de Gracia and much of buildings and alleys full of legends and tragedies since the time of Templars and Hospitallers, that shape and identity, even the unhappy days of the Civil War, specifically the Battle of the Ebro, in the twentieth century, so pain left his lands. His mind, however, is very different.

Vilalba dels Arcs is in full ferment wine and lately have gone a step further in its commitment to the development of environmental protection, incorporating its surroundings one of the largest wind farms in Catalonia. The harmonious coexistence between agriculture and winemaking and oils high expression on the one hand, and renewable energy, on the other, are a reality that will not leave you indifferent and demonstrates the drive and eclecticism of its people.

Find few places where the cultivation of vines and olive trees almost be as careful and meticulous, spoiling their plots, offering an example of effort, sacrifice and professionalism translates into the uniqueness and finesse of its wines and oils.

Numerous wineries, recognized nationally and internationally, are in Vilalba and others nearby in the surrounding villages. Only here can understand the charm of white grenache and empeltre olive.

Registration Number in Tourism Register of Catalonia and Andorra: HTE-000853


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