Unknown places in nature to go with family

Unknown places in nature to go with family

During these summer months the plans and activities to do as a family are exhausted . But the truth is that in our territory we have a lot of natural spaces that are quite unknown to visit, learn and soak during the hottest summer days.

Come, wear your hiking boots and take the swimsuit because we present an article with authentic natural gems where water and vegetation are the protagonists. You accompany us?


first In the valley of Varradòs, to Arroz, you can contemplate the impressive Saut deth Pish waterfall . The Saut deth Pish is formed by two waterfalls, the main and most spectacular one of about 15-20m high, and the lower one of about 5m. The waters of the waterfalls come largely from the Long Lake of Liat located a few kilometers further north. You can get there from the plans from Artiguetes and with a few minutes you will find yourself before the spectacular waterfall. This short walk allows you to discover the surroundings of the waterfall, which include a magnificent forest of Siesso and the mountain lake of Varradòs.

Gorg the Banyuts

If we move to the Ripollès, in the town of Gombrèn we can visit another natural jewel. We are talking about the Gorg los Banyuts, a gorge located next to the track that takes you to the Montgrony sanctuary. The pool of the Banyuts is located in the Garfull stream and is one of the natural sites related to the legend of Count Arnau.

According to the legend, in this raft Arnau had two servants, in the form of goats, who watched who did not do any good work, until one day he killed one. The other servant reacted by throwing the earl into the pit or "hell." Therefore, the legend tells that Count Arnau goes out every night from the Gorg the Banyuts with his horse surrounded by fire. For this reason it has always been a place feared by the shepherds and inhabitants of the area.

Getting there is easy, once you have passed the town of Gombrèn, about 2km away you will find a detour on your right in the direction of the Montgrony sanctuary. Then, at approximately 1km you will see an indicator that points to the stairs to go down into the well. And now, it's up to you to enjoy this fantastic natural environment!

Lake of Malniu

The lake of Malniu is one of those places with magic and evocative that cost to forget. Located in the municipality of Maranges, its basin is limited to the northwest by the Puigpedrós (2,914 m) and the northeast by Pedro de Tossa (2695). The pond of glacial origin has a maximum depth of 13.5m and an area of 5.9 hectares. Surrounded by beautiful specimens of black pine and granite blocks, tin is a visual spectacle. To get there, you can go along a linear path of about 3 km long (round trip) that begins in the Malniu refuge car park.

It is interesting to follow the entire perimeter of the pond to admire it from all points of view and contemplate the typical flora and fauna of the area, especially the red frog, which roams along the banks.

La Foradada de Cantonigròs

foradada-OK If you are looking for a cool and quiet place to make a good dip, La Foradada de Cantonigròs is your perfect plan!

In the middle of the Las Pozas stream is the Foradada rock, in the municipality of Cantonigròs, in Osona. This natural place is a gorge, where the water slides by a jump over a pool and next to a large hole in the rocky wall that gives it its name.

Desfiladero de la Fue

la-was In the region of Anoia, near Igualada, is the small town of Sant Martí de Tous where we find the Engorgs de la Fou. La Fou is a waterfall of the Roqueta stream (tributary of the Tous stream) that creates a series of puddles along its route, including the Charco Grande (with a waterfall of almost 20 meters), and streams that all together form a wet spot in the middle of a rain-fed population such as Tous.

To get there you have to go to the first square that you will find as soon as you get to the town of Sant Martí de Tous, where there is a playground and an indication of an equestrian. We continue in the direction of the equestrian and about 10 minutes from town, we see a sign that says "La Fou".

Bassa d'Arres

Located in the Vall d'Aran, the Balsa de Ares is a small lake located at 1,560m altitude, where we find a recreational area with grills and tables, perfect to spend a whole day with family.

In the Bassa d'Arres you can access by the local road Vilamòs - Arres de Sus. Arriving in Arras, you must follow a non-paved road for 2.5 km, approximately, until you reach the Balsa de Arras. The recreational area is next to the same raft.

If you want to know more about the area, you can follow the path that runs from behind the barbeque area that zigzags around the mountain, is very comfortable and has no slope, or you can also go down to the Victoria mine, an old zinc mine that can be visited inside with a guide.

Lake of Mauritius

park-san-mauricio-OKsant-maurici-OK Located within the National Park of Aigüestortes, the lake of San Mauricio is a Pyrenean lake of the municipal district of Espot. It is located at 1,900m altitude, facing the majestic mountain of the Encantats (2,748 m), surrounded by forests of black pine and a beautiful mountain landscape.

Hikers and mountain lovers will find a paradise, an incredible space where they can make all kinds of routes in which they will enjoy the high mountain landscape, vegetation and water, as there are more than 200 ponds and innumerable streams. The Lake of San Mauricio, but it is the best known and most important of the Park.

Bauma of the Bishop's Salto

In the Pobla de Lillet, in the Berguedà we find the bauma of the Salto del Obispo. It has a width of approximately 60m, 10m of bottom and 8m of height. The source of the inside of the cave is a water catchment, coming from leaks from the upper torrent that flows from the roof of the cave. It is a dark and refreshing space ideal for spending the hottest afternoons.

To get there, we leave the Pobla de Lillet by the road (B-402 / GI-402) direction in Campdevànol, we will have to deviate to the right by the road (BU-4656) that goes to Sant Jaume de Frontanyà. At about 3.5 km, from the fork, we will find a widening to the right where we can leave the vehicles and continue, walking, along a path that will take us to the torrent of Solls and the bauma of the Salto del Obispo.





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