Live the motor world

Live the motor world

The automobile's history dates back to 1769 with the creation of steam-powered vehicles capable of carrying passengers. In 1806 the first cars powered by an internal combustion engine that burned gas were built and it was not until 1885 when the engines that used gasoline or diesel as fuel were perfected. The history of the automobile is related to the different components that make up this vehicle: engine, transmission, chassis, body, interior and accessories.

The earliest remembered attempt to incorporate an engine into a bicycle to form what we know today as a motorcycle was between 1867 and 1871, when a small single-cylinder steam engine was installed in a velocipede manufactured by Pierre Michaux.

From that moment on, the engine began to be competitive and vehicles and motorcycles were perfected. During all this time, the human being has not stopped until creating cars with the technologies that we know today.

The truth is that in Catalonia we enjoy being a country with a large number of fans of the motor world, and great riders who compete on two wheels. Meetings, races and endurance circuits are organized annually for lovers of the motor world throughout the Catalan geography.


Gené Karting


Gené Karting is an indoor track with the most advanced performance in…

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Museu Moto Bassella


Did you know that very close to you there is one of…

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Circuit d'Osona Karting


With a distance of 940 meters and a width of 8.9 meters,…

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Ribes de Freser

Ribes de Freser celebrates a new edition of the meeting of classic cars, prior to 1986. Do not miss it!

Market of Classic Vehicles and Antique Motorcycles in Santa…

Santa Perpètua de Mogoda

Exhibition and sale of vehicles, cars and motorcycles restored, to restore and spare parts of all kinds, available in the Classic and Antique Motor Vehicles Market…

Meeting 600 cars and old motor in Santa Susanna

Santa Susanna

Take the opportunity to see live vintage cars in full operation at the Meeting of 600 cars and vintage motors in Santa Susanna.

Meeting of classic vehicles in Sant Feliu Sasserra

Sant Feliu Sasserra

A new edition of the classic vehicle meeting is back in Sant Feliu Sasserra! Do not miss it!

Dirt Track TT Montmajor


The Dirt Track TT is a motorcycling modality, which consists of going around a flat sand track (it can also be made of ash), in a circuit with curves on both sides,…

Morning Biker in Canet de Mar

Canet de Mar

Canet de Mar celebrates a new edition of the Morning Biker! Food, raffles, live music await you... Open to all kinds of motorcycles and brands, don't miss it! Canet…

TERRA resistance of the Vall del Tenes in Santa Eulàlia de…

Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana

Enjoy a new edition of Resistencia TERRA de la Vall del Tenes in Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana. Do not miss!  

Historic Costa Brava Rally in Palamós


Palamós is once again the base of the Costa Brava Historic Rally, one of the best Open Road Regularity events in Europe. From that great event for historic…

EnduRoc Les Eats in Súria


Since 2010, the EnduRoc has brought together hundreds of riders in Les Comes (Suria) who do not want to miss the end-of-season party for this sport. A very special…


Raffle: Two double tickets for the Passion of Esparreguera

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Draw: One ticket for 4 people to live a unique sensory experience…

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Twentytú Hostel Barcelona (Barcelona)

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Dramatized visit to the Falset Marçà Cooperative!

Cooperativa Falset Marçà (Falset)

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12 €


Guided tour on Sundays in February in Vic

05/02/2023 ...

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Marxa Casrells del Baix Gaià in Altafulla


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