Discover Catalonia by electric car

Discover Catalonia by electric car

Electric car tourism is an increasingly popular travel option, as it offers numerous advantages for both travelers and the environment. Electric vehicles are a sustainable alternative to gasoline or diesel cars, since they do not emit carbon dioxide (CO2) or other air pollutants that are harmful to health and the climate. More and more municipalities are opting to have charging points (many of them free) making it easier to move around the entire Catalan territory charging our vehicles.

The fact that electric cars do not emit polluting emissions while driving makes them an ideal option for sustainable tourism, as it allows us to enjoy Catalonia while reducing our carbon footprint. This is especially important in busy tourist destinations, where polluting gas emissions can be a serious problem for health and the environment.

Another advantage of electric car tourism is that electric vehicles are more efficient than internal combustion vehicles, which means that the price per kilometer is drastically reduced. Additionally, in many tourist destinations, administrations offer incentives for electric car owners such as free parking and charging points, making it more affordable to travel with this type of vehicle.

But this is not all, electric cars also offer a quiet and smooth driving experience, which makes tourism by electric car a more relaxed and comfortable option. Imagine going through places like La Fageda d'en Jordà, Vall d'Aran or going from cove to cove enjoying the silence of nature.

From, in collaboration with Etecnic, we have put together a selection of routes to discover Catalunya by electric car, so you can travel through the area without running out of battery!

Therefore, if you have an electric car, we encourage you not to stay at home and enjoy a sustainable, economical and comfortable travel experience while discovering Catalonia and its treasures.

Before making your trip, consult the recommendations when traveling by electric car.

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