Recommendations when traveling by electric car

Recommendations when traveling by electric car

If you plan to go sightseeing in an electric car, here are some recommendations that will help you do it efficiently and safely.

Plan the route in advance

Planning your route in advance is crucial when traveling with an electric car.

Although more and more municipalities are opting to have charging points (many of them free), it is important to make sure that during our journey we have different alternatives to charge our car. Be sure to find charging stations along the way and plan your route so that you can charge your vehicle when necessary.

During the times that we have the car charging batteries, we can take the opportunity to have lunch or even stay in an establishment, for this reason it is also important to anticipate and check what options we have available.

Look for reliable charging stations

It is important to make sure that the charging stations you use are reliable. Check reviews online or in other sources to make sure the charging station works well and that other users have had a positive experience.

Make the most of braking regeneration

Electric vehicles often have regenerative braking, which helps charge the battery as the car slows down. Take full advantage of braking regeneration to save energy.

Avoid extreme weather

Extremely high or low temperatures can affect the battery life of your electric car. Try to avoid driving in extreme weather conditions, as this can affect your vehicle's ability to go long distances.

If you have to travel when it is very cold or hot, you can do it, but keep in mind that you may need to make more stops to recharge.

control the speed

Driving at a moderate speed is another way to increase the efficiency of your electric car.

Electric vehicles tend to be more efficient at moderate speeds, so control your speed and avoid sudden acceleration or emergency braking. In addition to saving, it is also important for everyone's safety.


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