adapted sports

adapted sports

Sport not only strengthens the health of the body and the mind, but it also plays an empowering role in people's quality of life as it is a powerful tool for social cohesion, self-esteem and motivation. For these reasons, sport should be an important part of people's daily life, also for all those who have a certain disability. This is where adapted sports are born .

Adapted sport is one in which the rules or instruments have been minimally adapted so that people with disabilities can participate (wheelchair basketball, for example). They are also those specific modalities for people with disabilities, such as boccia, goalball, slalom,...

On the other hand, when people who practice it have a disability or not, we talk about inclusive sport. In this sport, everyone can participate with their abilities. For example, in the case of basketball, people in wheelchairs and people standing would participate. In most modalities, rules are applied to make the practice satisfactory.

Adapted sport and inclusive sport are the sport models to attend diversity. They are processes, in short, to acquire sports standardization that must still be consolidated in our society.

Catalonia has a good number of clubs and entities dedicated to adapted sports. In fact, the Catalan Federation of Sports for People with Physical Disabilities is in charge of organizing the competitions of the 18 adapted sports modalities that it carries out, such as athletics, skiing, electric wheelchair hockey, swimming, bocce, weightlifting, table tennis, tennis, archery, olympic shooting, sailing, basketball, boccia, cycling and fencing.


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