Restaurant - Croqueteria Pktus La Seu d'Urgell

Carrer de La Creu, 16, Baixos La Seu d'Urgell

The Pktus is a young restaurant with an innovative proposal based on local products. Located in the heart of La Seu d'Urgell, we take advantage of quality local products such as meat or cheeses to create original dishes without losing the traditional essence.

We offer letter service from Wednesday to Sunday at noon.

We offer a wide variation of homemade croquettes.

The glass bread cakes are one of the strong points of our menu, with proposals as original as pop cake or pork feet with prawns. Besides, we also offer the possibility of making a fondue or choosing from a wide range of cheeses, both from the region and abroad.

As for the menu, the proposal is weekly with the possibility of choosing two dishes and dessert, two main courses or a plate and dessert, to suit the client.

And all this is accompanied by a wide selection of wines chosen especially to pair with our cuisine.



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