Gaudí's Modernism Route

Barcelona (a 3.5 Km)

The battles of 1714

Barcelona, Cardona, Castellví de Rosanes, Corbera de Llobregat ... (a 3.5 Km)

Trying the 1714 food

Barcelona, Cardona, Cervera, Els Prats de Rei ... (a 3.5 Km)

The Academy of the Distrustfuls

Barcelona, Els Hostalets de Pierola (a 3.5 Km)

Route of Catalan art in the 18th century

Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Les Masies de Voltregà, Mataró ... (a 3.5 Km)

The air raid shelters in Barcelona

Barcelona (a 3.5 Km)

The coronelas and their battalions in 1714

Barcelona, Tortosa (a 3.5 Km)

Charming corners of Barcelona

Barcelona (a 3.5 Km)

Barcelona's defenders guilds in 1714 (Part I)

Barcelona (a 3.5 Km)

May 18: International Museum Day in Barcelona

Barcelona, Cornellà de Llobregat (a 3.5 Km)

1714 Route

Barcelona, Cardona, Cervera, Els Prats de Rei ... (a 3.5 Km)

Barcelona defenders Guilds in 1714 (Part II)

Barcelona (a 3.5 Km)

Grand Tour de Catalunya - Section 1. Vineyards with taste in…

Aiguamúrcia, Barcelona, Cabra del Camp, Cardona ... (a 3.5 Km)

From market to market in Barcelona

Barcelona (a 3.5 Km)

Literary route in the Modern Catalonia

Barcelona, Santa Cristina d'Aro, Tortosa, Vallfogona de Riucorb (a 3.5 Km)

Route for adventure parks in Catalonia

Arenys de Munt, Barcelona, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Dosrius ... (a 3.5 Km)

The cities of the dead, the most unique cemeteries in Catalonia

Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Bausen, Olius ... (a 3.5 Km)

Green Round of Barcelona

Barcelona (a 3.5 Km)

Catalonia before 1714

Barcelona, Vic (a 3.5 Km)

The main characters in the the siege of 1714

Barcelona, Lleida, Moià, Sant Boi de Llobregat ... (a 3.5 Km)

Picnic in Barcelona area

Barcelona, Berga, Fogars de Montclús, Lluçà ... (a 3.5 Km)

Grand Tour de Catalunya - Section 5. From Surrealism to Modernism.…

Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Begur, Blanes ... (a 3.5 Km)

Barcelona, from tile to tile

Barcelona (a 3.5 Km)

Fairs, cowherd boys, games and theater to celebrate Christmas

Barcelona, Calaf, Corbera de Llobregat, Espinelves ... (a 3.5 Km)


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