Casa - Museu Les Casas de Matamargó Pinós

Casa Museu Les Casas de Matamargó, Pinós Pinós

Discover the exciting story of an influential farmhouse, strolling through its original spaces.

Las Casas de Matamargó offers guided tours for young and old, to discover the history and experiences of a large farmhouse in southern Solsonès.

The musealization of Las Casas de Matamargó aims to show the life, over the past centuries, of an influential family, and of the thirty workers who lived in the farmhouse (maids, waiters, craftsmen, maids, farmers, etc.), from the stories of its people, you can see the heritage that is preserved and feel the nature that surrounds it.

With more than 15 spaces and outdoor areas to walk around, the guided tour advances through the blacksmith shop, the agricultural machinery covered area, the carpentry, the beekeeping room, the wine press (one of the largest in Catalonia), the farm, the chapel, the entrance to the main house, the " einer ", the pantry, the water bottler, the showroom and documentation, etc.

At the end of the activity, a tasting of local products is offered .

How can you visit us?

  • Guided tours for groups, from 10 people, any day and time of the week, with prior reservation.
  • In the case of not being a group, every first Sunday of the month, at 11:30 a.m., a visit is made open to all. You must contact us in advance to reserve the number of visitors.
  • For schools and educational centers, you can consult our Pedagogical Project and the complementary workshops on the website.


The duration of the guided tour is 90 to 105 minutes. Includes the tour, accompanied by a guide, through the 15 exhibition rooms; and ending with a tasting of local products in "La Tienda".

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